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   Northern Lights.

Ariadne’s Notes: Exciting new show World Poetry Café  radio show, July 12, 1-2 pm PST with  a fascinating double billing of Melanie Simms an award winning poet of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at 1:10 pm PST, and featured at 1:30 pm PST  the talented poet  Ahmad Al-Khatat  who was born in Baghdad.  It is wonderful to have such youth poets, the guiding lights of the future. Canada is proud of them.

Team: Ariadne  Sawyer, MA and Dr. Diego Bastinutti, hosting. Victor Swartzman sound engineer, Sharon Rowe, special volunteer.    The show included a beautiful e-poem dedicated with permission to Osiris Munir from a powerful e-poet from  Kenya, Alexander Nderitu. He  is a Kenyan novelist and poet. In 2014, BBC Scotland picked his poem ‘Someone in Africa Loves You’ to represent Kenyan literature at the Commonwealth Games.  His official website is  Also included were segments by Jeanne Probst , Sharon Rowe and Victor Schwartzman with his new satirical book. 

What an honour to have such wonderful guests on the show








 Featured poet Ahmad Al-Khatat was born in Baghdad. From Iraq, he came to Canada at the age of10, the same age when he wrote his very first poem back in the year 2000. He also has been published in several press publications and anthologies all over the world and currently studies Political Sciences, at the Concordia University in Montreal. He has recently published his first chapbook “The Bleeding Heart Poet” with Alien Buddha Press. He has recently published his first chapbook “The Bleeding Heart Poet” with Alien Buddha Press. It is available for sale on Amazon. Most of his new and old poems are also available on his official page Bleeding Heart Poet on FB.  

Here is his first written   poem in Arabic:

سلامي سلامي إليك يا وطني سلامي من الأهل وإلى الأهل سلامي بروحي فديت ديني و سلامي و دعوت إلى الحب و السلام و ما كانت صلاتي الا لربي وسلامي تحياتي إلى وطني شهيد وسلامي و سيبقى الوطن مرفوع و سلامي و سأعود إليه بلهفة و سلام و أزور قبرك المُرفرفة عليه حمامات السلام سلامي سلامي الى وطني .مذبوح السلام

In English:

Send My Salutations      


My salutations to you, my country;

I’m sending my salutes.         

From my family and to my family

I send my special salutations.                                             

ّI sacrifice my soul for my religion,

and I send my greetings.                                                   

I used to pray for love and peace.            

My prayers are to none but my God,

and I send my salutations.                                                                                   


My greetings to my homeland,

the martyr, and I send my salutations.                      

My country’s status will stay elevated,

and to it I send my salutes.

To my homeland I will return eagerly and in peace.                                                         

  I will visit its grave;

Fluttering over it will be the pigeons of peace.                            

To my country, whose peace’s been slaughtered,

I send my salutations.

*Ahmad Al-Khatat  (C) All rights reserved by the author.*


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