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*Beautiful Afghan purse and First Nations Cedar Rose from Ariadne’s collection.

 Ariadne’s Notes:Wonderful guests on the World Poetry Café last week , Thursday, July 19, 1-2 PM  Alara Bretanne, Canada and Danny Green USA ! Tune into the World Poetry Café Radio Show celebrating our 20th year!  Listen live  below  !Remember that if you have been on the show before you can go to www.worldpoetry,ca and go up and right to search, Put your name in and you will see your old features.

Also featured was Jeanie Robertson  First award winning poet 2017 (  from the  Lincoln Club, our new partners with her award winning poem : Love is Where You Find It, a poem about  dogs, which would delight our next weeks guest the legendary  filmmaker Foster Corder! Also, a lovely e-poem from Monsif Beroual from Morocco was read by Tech Victor Swartzman and O Iraq, a dream poem was read by Ariadne Sawyer.  WP correspondent Jeanne Claire Probst was again on the show with her weekly inspirational poems read by Ariadne.

Another favorite story by Sharon Rowe with her Big Bessie Stories completed the show , 










Alara Bretanne

                At 15, Alara was introduced to poetry by an extraordinary English Lit. teacher from Trinidad.  Through his encouragement, one of her poems was published in the local newspaper.  While attaining her B.A., majoring  in English Lit., at Western University in London, Ontario, she was strongly influenced by the poets of the “Romantic Era” such as Blake, Byron, Shelley, Wordsworth, Coleridge and Keats. The mystical and metaphysical orientation of their writing gave Alara an expanded world vision

                Alara was involved with World Poetry, The Millennium Writers Group, and was featured as a guest poet on World Poetry’s radio station in Vancouver, BC. In 2011, upon moving to Vancouver Island, BC, she joined the Cowichan Writers Group and began writing short stories. Poetry and short stories were published in the Anthologies “One Brick Shorts” in 2013 and “Love Notes” in 2016. 



Mirror, mirror                                     Sometimes I was noble

What will I see?                                   Sometimes I was bad

When you reflect                                 Sometimes I was happy

What’s inside of me                             Oft’ times I was sad


My magic mirror shimmered                 Galaxies, planets

And spoke to me                                 Lifetimes were there too

Hold your gaze steady                          I’d considered this possible

And you will see                                  I wonder, did you?


First, light a candle                              The images faded

And turn out the light                           Then back to my own

I must admit                                       I watched two of me

This gave me a fright                           That flickered as one


Shadows played                                  Mirror, what is this?

‘Cross the mirror’s façade                     I’m mystified and confused

I kept my eyes focused                                You and your essence

But I was afraid                                  Mirror said amused


Fear not, my dear                               Essence is eternal

Mirror whispered to me                                Consciousness lives on

Watch all your lifetimes                                Personality drapes the mantle

Play out for thee                                 Of a finite life in time


My image shifted                                 Much to consider

From woman to man                            Time for a nap

To child and to alien                             Quite right, my dear

Back to woman again                           Let’s call it a wrap


Over and over

Different guises and faces

Different costumes and eras

Different ages and races


July 4, 2012

Vancouver Island

Copyright Alara Bretanne (C) All rights reserved by the author.


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