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*Foster Corder and Paul  McCartney of the Beatles working together. Permission given.*

 Ariadne’s Notes:

On July 26 ,1:30 PM ,2018, CFRO 100.5 FM  the World Poetry Café were so honoured to have the legendary filmmaker Foster Corder, from LA with his new show and a tribute about Rudy Ray Moore  (Dolemite) and his last meeting with him.



World Poetry Radio Team: Ariadne Sawyer, host and producer, Victor Swartzman, super sound engineer and Sharon Rowe, special volunteer. Music by the Stillness Within and the amazing Ernie Krvida.

E-Poems by Jeanie Robertson of the Lincoln Club, Danny Teller from China and Foster Corder. Big Bessie Stories by Sharon Rowe and Poetic News. Introduction to new WP Media Correspondent Vani Pradeep and Jeanne Probst.




Foster Corder lays claim to many ‘firsts’ in his long and successful career as an award-winning photographer, filmmaker, producer and entertainment executive.

Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Corder opened Fosters Pet and Animal Photography studio, becoming the first African-American to do so. The business was an instant success. His high profile clients included the Kal Kan companies and Carnation. The latter putting Corder on a nationwide tour to photograph racehorses and award-winning canines.


Seeking new creative challenges, Corder dissolved his company and created Blackbird Films. He assembled a team of established and up and coming directors for such clients as Mc Donalds and the California Lottery. His staff included world-renowned director Gordon Parks as well as then newcomers, Kevin Hooks, Forrest Whitaker and Bill Duke and others.

Concurrently, Corder began a professional relationship with the legendary NBA star, Wilt Chamberlain that would last until Chamberlain’s death. Besides co-writing a number of films with Wilt, Foster co-produced the documentary, ‘The Amazing Feats of Wilt Chamberlain” andserved as a consultant on many projects involving ‘The Big Dipper’ Never one to pass up an opportunity, Corder was commissioned by Paramount Pictures to pen a screenplay entitled ‘The Cats,’ based on his life story. Having forged his birth certificate at just fifteen-years of age, ‘The Cats’ chronicled Foster’s 13 months of active duty in Vietnam. A true survival story.

As a member of the WGA, Foster has written and sold other film screenplays such as, ‘The Paper Boy’, ‘Smokey’, The Sons of Dolemite’, ‘Heads You Win/Tails I Lose’ (The Ike Turner Story).

Based on the success of Blackbird, Capitol Records made Corder a career offer he couldn’t refuse when he was named Director of Video Production, becoming the first African-American hired as a film executive in the record industry.During his tenure at Capitol, Corder supervised a staff that would swell to hundreds of cast and crew members relevant to the production’scompletion. Corder produced music videos for Tina Turner, Paul

McCartney, Bonnie Raitt and the highly successful, ‘Too Legit to Quit’and ‘Addams Groove’ starring M.C. Hammer, as well as many others.

Again feeling the entrepreneur creative spirit, Corder left Capitol Records to produce, direct, and photograph ‘The Legend of Dolemite,’starring the aforementioned comedic legend.

Corder formed Daughters 2 Feed Productions in 1995 to focus on the new media technologies and various projects he wanted to develop

In recent years, Corder has acted as Producer, Director, Director of

Photography or Gaffer on 45 shorts and 23 features, including:

“The Amazing Feats of Wilt Chamberlain” 1985 (Documentary) – Co-Producer

-DP”The Cats”- 1983 (Paramount Pictures) – Feature Screen Writer

“The Sons of Dolemite” — 1989 (Cannon Pictures) – Feature Screen Writer

“Heads You Win/Tails I Lose” 2000 -(The Ike Turner Story) Feature

And many more!

 Foster Corder’s New Show Coming Soon!

I Have To Say Before I Die

1 Billion people have seen his work few know his name!

Vietnam Vet, Film Pioneer, Writer, Producer, Grio.


Wilt Chamberlain, Dolemite, Hammer, USN, Capitol Records,

Spike Lee, BB & CC, McDonalds, Hollywood’s Black Film

History, Chicago, Conan, Americas Dogs and more.

 NEW SHOW! Foster Corder is the “Best Kept Secret” in Hollywood

A One Man Show

Daughters 2 Feed Presents

Coming Soon

“50 Years” Of Life Stories And Pictures

This is a story of faith, creativity, defying the odds, survival,

persistence, honor, courage, humanity and spirit. Escaping

the street gangs of Chicago, to his time in Viet Nam. Destiny

behind the camera in Hollywood was the unstoppable dream.

Taken from the book:

“First Black, No Thanks Make Me Second”


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