World Poetry Celebrates Herb Bryce and Ernie Krivda!


*A tribute to the passing of Prof. Atukwei Okai (photo) by Oswald George Okaitei.*

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio, August 2, CFRO 100.5 FM   welcomed poet  Herb Bryce from Canada at 1:10 PM, PST and Ernie Krivda (feature coming)  from the US at 1:30 PM, PST. Also featured was Kathleen Ward, the award winning poet from the Lincoln  Poetry Club,  one of our new partners. A wonderful opening poem by Prof. Atukwei Okai  who was one of the greatest poets in Ghana & Africa.  A tribute poem to him was written by the World Poetry Theatre Director Oswald George Okaitei.

The show included the debut of World Poetry Director Vani Pradeep with her inspirational piece on the value of silence.  She will be on every month with a new inspiration and empowerment.






H. W. Bryce is a former journalist and newspaper editor, book editor and teacher. He has been a traveller (kidnapped and robbed), and has worked as a courier and a farm hand. His writings have appeared in anthologies in the United States, in British Columbia, Canada, in the “Fifty-five Plus” annual directory, “Today’s Senior Magazine,” and “Bryce’s Blog for Seniors.” His work is also in several local anthologies.

He was recetnly the featured writer in the Royal City’s Word Play at Work magazine:

Previous features, and comic strips, have appeared in “The Daily Mirror Book for Boys,” and “…for Girls,” in London, England, where he worked as a book editor. He also plied his journalistic skills with a daily newspaper in Worthing, England.

Previously, in Canada, he worked at various newspapers in his home province of Saskatchewan, and at The Globe and Mail. Upon his return from his travels in Spain, Portugal, North Africa, the MiddleEast, etc., he signed on with The Hamilton Spectator.

He has a degree in English and Journalism from Western University in London, Ontario, Canada, as well as teacher’s certification from the University of Alberta.

Mr. Bryce, author of “Ann – A Tribute,” and “Chasing a Butterfly – A journey of love and loss to acceptance,” a book of poetry arising from his decade as care giver to his Alzheimer’s wife, writes from is home in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. Https://

I see you there inside your broken shell,
I see your soul and what your eyes can tell,
And I will ring the bell proclaiming that you’re there
Still living, loving there inside your broken shell.

I know somehow that still you dare.
That somehow deeply still you care
For Life, there inside your broken shell,
And I will strive to tell the world
How wonderful a soul you are,
And just what you have given Life
And how much still you have to share,
Even now from there inside your broken shell.

I see true beauty lies there deep within, 2
And not upon the outer shell,
For outer beauty is so transient
And inner beauty is the very soul of love.
That beauty is the mirror of your love.

I see your broken body,
But I see your spirit shining through,
And how I do admire
How your love remains so true,
There, within your broken shell.

 Herb Bryce (all rights reserved)

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