World Poetry Celebrates Nakshatra Singh!

*Koyali Berman, World Poetry Cultural Ambassador and dancer.

Ariadne’s Notes: We are welcoming Nakshatra Singh, a new e-poet from India. I am hoping to feature all the e-poets whose poems are read on the World Poetry Café,  CFRO, 100.5 FM , 1 PM. PST. (volunteer time permitting)  Mr. Singh’s  opening poem the Journeys was read on February 21st by Victor Schwartzman, our esteemed, sound engineer.  








 ” I am Nakshatra Singh. DoB 8th Sept 1970. I am from India. I live in Jodhpur city with my wife, son and parents. I am a civil engineer and at present working as Superintending Engineer with the State Government of Rajasthan.
I love morning walks. Most of my poems are born during those happy moments of walks. I believe in four basic pillars of a happy life. 1 Hard Work , 2 Compassion, 3 Reason (justice) and 4 Joy.”


I felt something and turned back,
A smile it was, from eyes, from heart.
Oh, how and why would I resist,
A journey thus began.
In togetherness we moved,
On the longest roads,
On the deepest waters,
In the soaring skies,
Destination after destination,
We sat in the window,
Huddled together,
The tireless carriage of time,
Taking everything to the past,
And sitting in Window,
We saw it all passing down,
A journey lived together.
At last the carriage stopped,
Everything was like dead and still,
Nothing would move.
I wanted my journey back,
And I went out to the shores,
On the shore, it was all set,
On one side, endless water,
On other was that smile,
Wet it was this time though.
I saw in to those eyes,
Smiling hard they were,
Curtains of tears,
layers upon layers,
Everything was lost,
nothing was lost,
And I turned back again,
A voyage thus began….

By – Nakshatra Singh (C) All rights reserved by author. 


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