World Poetry Celebrates Michelle Merlindt!









Ariadne’s Notes;  On March 7,  at 1:10 PM PST the World Poetry Café Radio Show had the honour to welcome the poetic historian Michelle Merlindt reciting her beautiful poem The Library of Alexandria on her CD  the Pearl of Dubai . She takes treasures from the past and brings them to life in her work. She appeared on the show a year ago and is back by popular acclaim.

We celebrated International Woman’s Day with poems from Greece and India  and  welcomed the wonderful filmmaker and Director Charles Officer with his latest film opening across Canada, The Little Prince.










Michelle Merlindt was born in a remote region of Australia and spent her childhood on a farm in the bush. Since then she has lived in eight countries. Due to her profession as a racehorse veterinarian, she spent thirteen years in Dubai where she first began to write and explore poetry. Now settled in the Gulf Islands of Canada she continues to pursue spoken word poetry in charming old-fashioned rhyme as a means of storytelling. Like a little piece of chocolate for the imagination, her poems are meant to delight the listener. Since she loves history and overlooked fragments of culture, each of her poems, set in a faraway land, is like a magical voyage to another time and place.
On her website she writes a blog in which she discusses the inspiration behind her stories.

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