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Ariadne’s Notes:  The World Poetry Café, March 28, 1-2 PM, PST  welcomed three wonderful guests Bernice Lever, acclaimed poet, Bowen Island, Jill Carter,  Toronto, film and TV director and Christopher Jentsch, composer, Brooklyn , N.Y. I will be giving each of them a feature web spot.  Also, a birthday message to Mamta Agarwal and one of her poems from  Also a Afghan poem for my honorary son Rahmat Haidari  from my new book, Love  Poems to the World, Dream Offerings. Our team: Ariadne Sawyer, MA, host and producer, Victor Schwartzman, super tech and Sharon Rowe Special volunteer.

 URGENT! Our World Poetry Café Radio show needs members and donations. We are starting our Spring Fundraiser and need to come up with enough memberships and donations to meet our $1,500 dollar quota,  To make a donation, please go to and click on the membership and donations link. Please put in the name of the World Poetry Café so that your donation will be credited to our account. Each new or returning member, will be given at least one interview in the year and our grateful thanks. Please let us know for we can send you a thank you. We have been on the air for 21 years and have 121 countries that have listened in. We welcome poets, musicians, writers, directors, film people, volunteers,actors and more.








Bernice Lever, a great grandmother, is a Life Member of the Canadian League of Poets. She has 10 poetry books in print and a college text book.

Living on Bowen Island, near Vancouver, BC, she readings internationally. Yet Peace Poet finds time to give talks and readings to inspire others. )

BERNICE LEVER, a writer, editor and teacher, creates poetry on Bowen Island. Her 10th book of poems was “Small Acts”, Black Moss Press, 2016. She edited WAVES, Fine Canadian Literature, at York, U., Toronto, 1972-1987. She is a Life member of League Canadian Poets & some other groups.
Bernice’s travels have let her read poems on 5 continents. Her grammar & composition book (now a CD or free PDF) is “The Colour of Words” . 
This book has been used around the world to help students with their English.
Although she is active in many national writing organizations in Canada, she is now delighted to be on the west coast again, writing PEACE poems for World Poetry and others.


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