World Poetry Celebrates the Wonderful Laura Kelsey!

Ariadne’s Notes: On August 22 at 1:10 pm PST, the World Poetry Cafe radio show on CFRO, 100.5 FM officially launched the CD, A Hand that Holds the Match book  with Laura  “Banshee”Kelsey and husband Mike “Builder” Harding . Wonderful music and lyrics with hidden meanings throughout the CD. Laura is a talented musician, singer and poet and I am thrilled to feature her here. She is also a great humanitarian and supporter of woman’s causes.  It was such an honour to feature this lovely CD. To contact her: Please email regarding performances, studio vocal work – including back-up/harmony – and for original compositions and song collaboration.

Also on the show, another CD launch at 1:30 PM with the new CD Dark Matter from the great composer and musician Lafayette Gilchrist who will be featured next on site.

Contact: Check out the blog or the live link for show updates and more.Connect on:Twitter,Instagram Blog.

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A Hand Holding the Matchbook, by Builder & the Banshee:

With rocking folk songs like “Wires” and “Tangled” to quiet ballads about lost loved ones (“Wild” and “Enough”), A Hand Holding the Matchbook is a thoughtful collection of original acoustic music out of Vancouver Island, B.C. by Builder & the Banshee.

Woodworker-guitarist Mike “Builder” Harding and singer-songwriter Laura “Banshee” Kelsey write a unique blend of soulful folk rock that has hints of metal and blues. They’ve played live around the province and are already working on their second album.


Hey there, barefoot

Never around

Calling you

I’m always here for you


Freeway driving never so free

Sunny days in June

What we do for food

To feed our moods


Don’t touch the wires

Just watch the show

Don’t question anything

You are not supposed to know


Mountains cloaked

In smoke and our steel

Crying, “Fools!

“We are your friends, too!”


Snapping strings and energy fields

Absorbing truth

Siphoning all souls through

all souls through


Don’t touch the wires

Just watch the show

Don’t question anything

You are not supposed to know


Just keep your head down

Or you’ll alert the patrol

Shield your eyes from

Blinding lights of control

Source: Laura Kelsey.


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