World Poetry Peaceathon 2019 Official Opening!

Ariadne’s Notes: We celebrated our Official Peaceathon on the World Poetry Cafe with the first two wonderful poets! Katherine L. Gordon from Canada and Helen Bar-Lev from Israel.

 Our team: Victor Schwartzman, tech, host and producer, Ariadne Sawyer, Special volunteer Sharon Rowe.


The Next Big Bang

Un-chart the oceans

un-map the continents

un-name the stars

un-calendar the days,

make it all undiscovered and new.

Then peoples of varied geographies

will be our teachers.

No wars, no weapons, no treaties or deceits,

the language of brotherhood will prevail.

Learning ideas to grow minds and hearts

dances and songs, cultural uniqueness celebrated.

How wise we will all become, how compassionate,

no one exploited, no one demeaned, only valued.

In new constellations, we will shine,

children will be gifts, the aged a treasure,

a circle of belonging and love.

We could eat sunshine and flowers,

animals our pets and we pets of animals,

history will be how we became one,

regrew the stars.

Katherine L. Gordon (c) All rights reserved. 

©  2019, Poet, Critic and author. Canada.

****Read by the amazing Victor Shwartzman. 


Let There Be Peace

No more war

said the bomb to the bullet

the shell to the tank

the missile to the rocket


No more

said the plowshare to the sword

said the soldier to the slaughter

the widow to her children


Let there be peace

said the cemeteries to the skeletons

the fields to the poppies

the lion to the lamb


Amen again and again


© 8.2018 Helen Bar-Lev

***Read by Ariadne Sawyer.

Hele Bar-Lev, artist, poet

Overseas Connections Coordinator, Voices Israel Group of Poets in English

International Senior Poet Laureate, Amy Kitchener Foundation

Israeli representative, Immagine& Poesia

Recipient Homer European Medal for Poetry and Art.

All rights reserved by author  (C)



Painting. Helen writes:

Use this painting please Ariadne. It is of a street in the Artists Colony in Tsfat (Safed). I was a member of the colony and lived there from 1989-2001.

The door depicts the lions of Judah, the Hamsa, doves of peace, grapes – it is wooden and old.”


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