A Must See Film! Yesterday!

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A Must See Film! Yesterday, Showing now in Vancouver!

‘Yesterday’ is a delightful film with elements of magic and humor! It tells the story of a struggling musician named Jack who (actor Himesh Patel) who suddenly realizes he’s the only person alive who remembers The Beatles and their music. After he wakes up from a bus accident, he starts the almost impossible journey to bring back their songs to the public who learns to love them. After, numerous adventures, he overcomes setbacks and finally finds success.

This enjoyable film presents a fascinating interaction of cultures which combines many unique qualities.

The songs really stand out, reintroducing the audience to the past and welcoming new listeners.

Jack (Himesh Patel) sings a number of Beatles classics, including ‘Yesterday’, ‘Hey Jude’, ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ and ‘Let It Be Something’ and ‘Yesterday.

Cast list:

Himesh Patel – singer Jack Malik, Lily James – Ellie, Jack’s childhood friend, and first manager

Kate McKinnon – Mandy, Ed and Jack’s manager, Meer Seal – Jack’s mother

Sanjeev Bhakra – Jack’s father, Joel Fry – Rocky, Jack’s friend and roadie

Elise Chappell – Ellie’s flatmate Harry Michel – Nick, Jack’s friend

Sophia di Martino – Carol, Jack’s friend.

Alexander Arnold – Gavin, record producer

Sarah Lancashire – Liz, James Corden – himself, Ed Sheeran – himself

Daniel Pemberton has also written the film’s score.

Bonus Features on 4K, Ultra HD, DVD, and Digital.

Source: TARO PR.

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