World Poetry Celebrates LGBTQIA Filmmaker Neela Bhuman!


Ariadne’s Notes:

In the second half of the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show, we also featured the team of Neelu Bhuman writer, filmmaker and director, calling in from Europe  at 1:30 pm PST about their film TRANSFINITE. 

 TRANSFINITE is a sci-fi omnibus feature film composed of seven standalone magical realistic short stories where supernatural trans and queer people from various cultures use their powers to protect, love, teach, fight and thrive.



Most of us have been in situations where we feel completely powerless and deeply frustrated with the unfairness of it all, sometimes we have lost control of life and sometimes we find a way to use our rage, resentment and frustrations to grow a beautiful garden. In Transfinite, the protagonists, like smooth warriors, choose to find that inner power and use it to transform undesirable situations into desirable ones in a snap. Transfinite is a somewhat dark and funny, visually and musically expressive sci-fi feature length film made up of seven standalone stories that are connected by the common thread of power – power to protect, power to love, power to teach, fight and thrive. All the seven stories, NAJMA, ASURA, SHAYLA, BAHARI, NOVA, MAYA, VIVA, written by seven trans and queer writers with myriad backgrounds reflect this singular vision and the cohesive sensibility is designed by the filmmaker using exquisite poetry, subtle VFX, sublime animation and enveloping music. Source Film.

World Poetry believes that everyone needs to come together in Respect and Peace and to welcome our diversities .  We honour all people and talents.

Here is a kind note that that Neela sent: 

Dear Ariadne,

I believe that it is so important for all of us to come together in Respect since it is the only way that Peace and Love can follow.

Thank you for creating a feature on the wonderful World Poetry site. It truly means a lot to me and all of the collaborators of our TRANSFINITE film! We have Navajo, Swahili and English poetry written by women, trans and queer people. 

 Laura Tohe, Navajo nation’s poet laureate- She contributed her beautiful poem “Meeting the Spirit of Water” for TRANSFINITE.

Much love, respect and gratitude.

Neelu Bhuman, writer, filmmaker and director.

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