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World Poetry Featured Poet


Lini Richarda Grol, a Canadian from the Netherlands,
a lifetime member of the Canadian Authors Association,
and the P.E.N women.
Received the Canadian Authors Award 1984 from the Canada
Club of Hamilton for her WWII novel LIBERATION 1944-1945.
Her story LEAWALA was set to music for a Ballet that had its première
In 1961 at the Glen Gould Studio in Toronto.
Her poems are in numerous magazines and anthologies in Canada.
The Netherlands, and the US.
She founded the Canadian Poets Pen Club and published 2 anthologies for them
and several books of poetry for her fellow poets.
She has several books of poetry to her name
Her poems are often broadcast, and are on a CD.
For two years she was the Poet Laureate by the Amateur Journalist Association.
She received some prizes for her art and writing.
Her scissor cut illustrations are in books and magazines, and on their covers
and have been shown in group and solo art shows as well as on T.V. in Canada
and the US.
For the following poem she received the first prize from
the HUMBER COLLEGE writings contest.

Ariadne’s note: Lini has been a long time supporter of World Poetry, participating on the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show with interviews and e-poems. Her art work is amazing and beautiful. We are honoured to feature her!


We were strangers
in a cold dark room.
and hesitantly reached out
Yet never touched
One another’s heart.

Then a name
Fell between us
And great joy flared up .
Like a flame lighting up
On our fond memories.

Smiles flashed
From eyes to eyes
And chuckles pronounced
Our pleasure in sharing
And caring of our friend.

At once we too commenced
to be friends, we.laughed and joked
While ever so slowly we too build
A fire to warm an other lonely heart

Some day….

Lini Grol ©

4 thoughts on “Lini Grol World Poetry Featured Poet from Canada!

  1. Cees Grol

    I would like to get in touch with Lini Grol (if possible), to get info about het family: I am webmaster of the GROL-family site: with roots back to 1685. Please (if possible) inform me her mailaddress or advise any possibility to get in touch. many thanks Cees Grol ( Netherlands)

  2. David Orr

    I have one of Lini Grol’s silhouettes called , On her toes from 1955 it’s signed it’s small & framed maybe 3″x 7″inches. I was wondering if this is the only one, can’t find another. Any information on this. Thank you.


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