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Richard, Featured Poet


  World Poetry Canada & International are proud to announce two World Poetry Lifetime Achievment Award Winners  2012, Jacqueline Maire and Richard Doiren. Jacqueline will be receiving her award in September at The Life Celebration of Chief Dan George at the Vancouver Public Library and Richard will be reciving his  World Poetry Life Time  Achievemnt Award at the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival, May 25 at the Richmond Cultural Centre. It is with great pleasure that we welcome them to the World Poetry Family!

Richard Doiron, poet/author. Journalism graduate. Published 47 years,
42 of those as a poet. Estimated 1000 poems published to date. Twice
nominated for the Governor-General’s Award. Work read at the United
Nations University for Peace (2000). Twice published alongside the likes
of the Dalai Lama, by invitation. Author of 17 books in total, including
two novels and two biographical works. Author of an estimated 40,00poems, well over 1000 of those penned this year. Associate-editor of two
ongoing publications, one catering to sonnets, having authored 5555 of those.
Participant in one national literary festival and two international literary
festivals. To hear Richard on the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show, click here!

Let There Be Peace

Let there be peace

Peace in the Four Corners, that it should be
a promise, and real;

Peace in our nations, that the specter should be
turned on its heel;

Peace in our cities, that fear should abandon
our streets and walkways;

Peace in our schools, that violence should be
routed, and always;

Peace in our churches, that God’s children should be
families, assembling;

Peace in our homes, that our young ones should
cease in their trembling;

Peace in our hearts, that our tempers should be
cancelled and curbed;

Peace in our words, that our masses should be
studied, and stirred;

Peace in our creations, that our galleries should be
temples, adorned;

Peace in our visions, that Love, in our time,
should be born, and reborn;

Peace in our deeds, that never a doubt should
awake, and arise;

Peace in our souls, that it should be
mirrored in our eyes.

Let there be peace.

Richard Doiron ©


Richard reading June 21, 2011 Moncton, NB

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