Reflexiones de Mujica-Olea from Canada!



 Chilean Canadian poet and author from New Westminster, BC, Canada;World Poetry Founder and host, Alejandro Mujica-Olea was selected by St. Thomas Church in Vancouver to be their Poet Laureate for their 100 year celebration.  He is creating a book of poems to celebrate this event.  Alejandro is the author of six books, and has been invited to read at various conferences in Venezuela and Chile in November for three months. If you want to contact him for readings, please e-mail or

Ariadne’s note: This poem is dedicated to our new World Poetry Cafe  radio show host Oparin Ortiz. He is an artist and actor and will be taking Alejandro’s place in November while Alejandro is on tour. The above painting of hands is done by Oparin.


Dedicado al pintor y actor
salvadoreño canadiense Oparin Ortiz

Juventud del mundo,
yo te canto tu poema,
yo te canto tu canto.

tesoro, semilla
de primavera.
Puerta de la cosecha
escondida y secreta.

agua cristalina,
de los mares.

Juventud del mundo,
yo te canto tu poema,
yo te canto tu canto.


de luz
de arco iris.

Juventud del mundo,
yo te canto tu poema,
yo te canto tu canto.

Por: Alejandro Mujica Olea (C)

Ariadne’s note:

 This is one of the poems for the church and  I think it also belongs to all volunteers including  the World Poetry New Westminster family.


For a hundred years
in the kitchen
there is a murmur
of joy
worker bees
in the hive of love and faith.

Smiling Angels
Where is the delicious palate?
They are the creators
of coffee and tea
cookies, candy,
cheese, and all those delicacies.

Ladies are the violins of sacrifice
blessed in their
voluntary dedication,
labor of love for the
brothers and sisters,
emerald faith and friendship. 

In your dedicated
Sunday best
friendship reigns
and the desire to share
and know a little more
between the friends of faith.

In the last hundred years
happy parishioners
gather around a table
with God as pure love.

One hundred years of faith and hope.
A better world on earth…

Alejandro Mujica-Olea ©  Translated by: Ariadne Sawyer

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