World Poetry Proudly Presents Caroline Nazareno from Canada!



Oparin & Caroline


World Poetry was honoured to welcome a talented poet and World Poetry member  Caroline Nazareno to the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show on CFRO.  Guest host Oparin Ortiz and host Ariadne Sawyer  who was doing double duty as a last minute “insta-tech”. To listen to the show which included a visual poem by Doc Pen Pen and e-poems by Alaha Ahrar and Lini Grol, click here.

 Bio: Caroline Nazarreno, AKA Ceri, a contessa of her dreams coming to reality, has been reading on World Poetry Night Out New Westminster and a featured poet at Word On The Street. Another ”poetic belt” was counted when her poem ”the song my heart sings” was featured in KIRAZ HABERTRAK Magazine in Turkey, where respected Turkish poets, writers, filmmakers, musicians and literary editors were featured monthly.

Finding her feet, she will also be igniting her broadcasting prowess as a co-anchor of Manny Calpito’s OFW INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION AND SCHOOL OF INVENTORS-Canada through his Internet Television (OTUSA.TV) at Glendale, California. His philanthropic missions have already reached Philippines, Japan and Hongkong.

She does a lot of volunteering at organizations including TELUS SCIENCE WORLD, Vancouver International Marathon and Richmond Multicultural Concerns Society where she received a Special Recognition of Dedication and Service as a Valuable Volunteer.

ang simula  sa wakas
sa kalye ng buhay
sa silong ng langit
batid ang bagong araw
ang liwanag at kulay ng umaga
ang tanghali ng siphayo’t pagkukubli
ang aliwan ng dapithapong makulimlim
lingid sa nakapinid mong salamin
ang bakas ng nakabibinging katahimikan ng gabi
hinahabi ang bawat sandali saanman
mula sa sinapupunan
sa moog ng pagmamahalan
sa tunay na lilim ng kalayaan
hanggang sa himlayan
ng kapayapaan
mula sa aking sarili

( English version)

The Beginning at the End.

through the streets of life
under the infinite sky
the daylight unfolds
the lucid neon lights of the sunrise
the midday of concealing and grief
the tapestry of dusky downfalls
the reflection of the deafening night
from the shadows of gloaming slumber
the time of life speaks anywhere-everywhere

from the womb of innocence
to the harbors of compassion
to the shelters of immense freedom
of a sanguine vagabond
until the tomb of peace
is happening within
and beyond me

~ceri naz 11/07/11

where peace can be

million years of ifs and buts
eloquently circulating in many tongues
crossroads of meanings read aloud
but found meaningless.
unheard. unseen. unrealized.

should it just be a theme to write about?
a blockbuster movie to queue up
should i play the role
of a gladiator
a hero
a warrior
a prize fighter
a soldier.

and broadcast a nation address
”now is the total absence”
of combats, of chaos, and bloodshed
does it mean safe and sound?
when my brothers are homeless and dead?

always been a missing piece
it’s nowhere.
the ceasefire
is in the heart
of human race.

Caroline Nazareno (c)



16 thoughts on “World Poetry Proudly Presents Caroline Nazareno from Canada!

  1. Lanie Masayahing Binibini

    Congratulations Miss Ceri Naz!!!

    Pagsisikap na ginagawa
    Nakikita ang ibinubunga
    Patuloy nawang magsikhay
    Isa kang tunay na Pinay!

    Kahanga-hanga ka kaPilipino
    Isa kang huwaran sa panahong ito
    Narating sa buhay ay patunay
    Ng walang humpay na pagkampay!

    We are so proud of you!!!
    Keep up the good work dear!!! mwah! we love you!

    Thanks World Poetry Canada and International!

    1. caroline nazareno

      i love you Lanie, you’re my ”right hand” when i need help, you’re a not just a friend i cherish, but a sister as well. Thank you for the support.

  2. caroline nazareno

    I love you Ariadne, I love you World Poetry Family and all dear friends who give inspirations and anchors for our soulful expressions.

    Thank you all!

  3. luzviminda q. ramos

    Congratulations my dear Caroline.I am so proud of you.You’ve gone a long way.I do love your poems.Stay beautiful! inar-aro taka anako.

    1. caroline nazareno

      when i was in college, you and Dr. Gertrudes Prado were so good and motherly to all.
      you inspired me to make the best out of least ”ink and empty paper”
      a challenge that i would always put the best foot forward on the ground and step with a great heart.

      Thank you very much Mommy Luz!

  4. bonie nava

    i am soo proud of u batchmate..i still remember u during our college days and u were so simple,always wear a beautiful smile on ur face and i miss ur short hair ..he3..anyways,always take care of urself and god bless u!!!!mhuahhhhh

    1. caroline nazareno

      oh so touched dear bonie, i wasn’t expecting this!
      let’s always keep the fire of our hearts blazing and inspire others.

  5. Jeanpot Paraiso

    you deserve a well-round of applause Miss Ceri Naz!…congratulations!!! hindi lang dahil sa mga kamangha-mangha mong mga tula na nagbibigay-inspirasyon sa mga mambabasa..kundi sa pagtataas mo ng bandila ng ating bansa!…-;o)

  6. caroline nazareno

    Dear Ariadne our video is now available in youtube and i’m sharing the link here

    Thank you Ariadne and Alejandro for inspiring more and more people and the world.
    My deepest gratitude to all.

    we are
    the chains of love
    the strings of friendship
    the mighty bonds of respect
    the knots of mutual understanding
    the solid ground of harmony and compassion
    all in ONE with the voices of OUR POETRY
    in this web of PEACE
    through our small dreams

    ~ceri naz


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