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World Poetry Featured Poet

World Poetry Featured Poet

Wanda John-Kehewin is a Cree/mixed blood writer, originally from Kehewin, Alberta, moved to BC in 1991. Wanda has been a literary performer and publishing poet since she a child, and has performed her work at many local events. She has recently been accepted into SFU’s Writers Studio, and is currently editing her first manuscript. Wanda is the mother of two sons and one daughter who definitely contribute to her creative writing process.


Her featured poem:

A Splinter

An undying splinter of hope embedded in my heart and essence,
wanting and hoping heaven on earth exists amidst the chaos;
a sliver of sanctuary…within your embrace and desperation rears.
I am overwhelmed by the hairline fractures that begin to appear.
My erected walls of self preservation become possible to penetrate
And I am standing on the edge again, shivering and afraid…

The days quickly scorch by never quite melting the past;
my cloaks and daggers devoid of a clandestine closet.
Needing to believe, wanting to believe in fairy tales-
as I did before – as a child – reading all alone,
books clenched in my hands, stories vying in my head,
taking me away from away from it all; keeping me from
jumping off the edge towards freedom and sanity…

Snowflakes bear witness to many a loves first kisses,
in a million places tonight and mine is no more
than one snowflake, melting without a footprint.
And yet…I want to believe in fairy tales as
I did before as a child – reading all alone.
I want to believe I can overcome it all
like a sparrow ensnared in the moment she began;
finding sustenance and asylum-surviving the polar freeze,
-a sliver of hope embedded in her heart…

(c) Wanda John-Kehewin

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One Response to WP Featured Poet Wanda John-Kehewin!

  1. lily yuriko shinde says:

    Wanda, your poetry touches me deeply, thank you for sharing this poem with me. I love your spoken words, often time I cannot relate to some poetry but you breathe such truth and I feel it on every level! I don’t often cry but what you write allows my tears to flow. Thank you so much for sharing your precious thoughts!

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