World Poetry Proudly Presents Julie Corrigan from Canada!



Julie Corrigan grew up and currently resides in  Prince Edward Island, Canada with Acadian and Trinidadian roots.   She is trained as a Community Agency Counsellor and is currently a proud stay at home mom.   

She began writing poetry as a teenager as a way of expressing herself while going through dark times of depression, addictions and despair.   She hadn’t written poetry in years while going through a journey of spiritual awakening, sobriety, and healing.  Now in her thirties, she recently met poet (and her husband’s brilliant boxing cornerman) Richard Doiron who inspired her to return to her love of writing poetry. 

 Finding inspiration from a loving God that has given her a new lease on life, she pens poems of tribute to others, as well as poems from her life experiences, that offer hope on this journey of life.

Butterfly Girl

Raven haired beauty,
Sunlight highlights
Innocence, Joy, Purity
Butterfly catches her eye,
Fluttering in effect,
Her eyes see God         

Sets her feet to dance,
Freedom wings
Flutter carefree,
Burdens lift
Pain loses hold,

She takes in the splendor
Of transformation
New beginnings
From a cocoon which
only offers freedom
 From dreams
Hope, wonder
Light & love

Embrace the butterfly
Sweet child,
It speaks to your heart,
Let no one desecrate
What God smiles upon,
No one can swathe a butterfly back
In its cocoon,
Fly high,
Sweet girl
Dance free

Julie Corrigan (c)  Dec.2011

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