World Poetry Proudly Presents Bernice Lever From Canada!

World Poetry Westminster Night Out is honored to welcome Bernice Lever as she launches her new book “Imagining Lives” July 25th at World Poetry Night Out July 25: 6:30 pm at the New Westminster Public Library, (World Poetry Partner) 716-6 Avenue (AuditoAriadne’s Note: World Poetry New rium Room) New Westminster, BC . She will also be featured on the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show on July 24th at 9 pm, PST. You can listen live at or wait until the link is up on the 25th. CLICK HERE to listen to Bernice on the Radio Show! Also, an e-poem by World Poetry Youth Team Leader, Yilin Wang. When you click on the show, you will hear a song from the previous show first.

 Canadian poet Bernice Lever has had the highest number of visitors to our WP site! So many countries also!

Bernice Lever

Bernice Lever

A poet, freelance editor and workshop leader, Bernice Lever, enjoys Bowen Island life. Her 10th poetry book is “Imagining Lives”, Black Moss Press, 2012. She edited WAVES magazine, 1972-1987.
Bernice’s travels let her to read poems on 5 continents. Her grammar & composition CD is “The Colour of Words” .
A World Poetry Lifetime Achievment Award Winner, Bernice is
active in many writing organizations, she is delighted to hear and help other writers.  Bernice gets “high” on words.

Peace Holiday

Just a clean surface
on everything and everyone
to be noticed and absorbed
as the first time –

be curious again
thrillingly open to all,
just an hourglass focus of stillness
memory locking wonder,
entering  moonrise or waterfall
by choice,
feeling your heart warming
or weeping, truly awake
to living.

Bernice Lever (C) — from “Imagining Lives” , Black Moss Press. 2012.


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