World Poetry Proudly Presents Yaman Saleh, a Syrian Canadian!

Featured Poet
Ariadne’s note: We would like to thank Yaman for the promotion of this site through social media. He has done an amazing job.  Yaman, our greatest thanks!
Since we are all volunteers, it is hard to find the time and the knowledge to do promotion. Also, I would like to thank the thousands of people who have viewed our site. It is a work of love for me and my goal is to make it the best it can be.
If any of you want to be a  feature, become a member or join our various projects for peace and harmony, you are most welcome.
I also would like to thank Heidi Mueller for her help and support in setting up this site and helping whenever needed.

Yaman is a value-investor, and published poet / author. He’s always been a writer, but poetry dawned upon him suddenly at the beginning of 2011. He found himself rapidly writing poem after poem, till he decided to publish them in one book. He has a Masters in Telecommunications. He’s travelled most of the world. Yaman loves God, above all. He enjoys different kinds of sports and the outdoors, including hiking. His favorite reading subjects are astronomy/cosmology, personal investing, fine poetry, metaphysics, and history. He lives in Richmond, BC- Canada, with his loving, supportive wife, Hunada, two daughters and two sons.” 


 “The Wealth Maker”

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Why Don’t We Care?

To stroke the hair
Of a little child
To lend a hand
To someone in pain
To listen again and again
To think before we talk
To walk our talk
To feel
To heal
To try our best
To ask ourselves:
Why can’t we understand?
Why can’t we follow our hearts?
How come we sleep at night
While someone we love
Is suffering, silently?
How can we be together
While someone we love
Is alone!
How can that be?
It’s not about you and me
It’s about what’s inside
That which we hide
So the outside
Remains OK!
We play roles
We deceive no one
But ourselves
We listen to the news
But we can’t hear
The voices
Of our own hearts
Shame on us
Shame on you life!
You don’t deserve
All that strife
You don’t deserve
Any of that
You don’t deserve
To lose our loved ones
For you!
But life is not the one
To blame
It’s what we make of it
It’s how we live it
And that’s it…

Yaman  Saleh ©


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9 Responses to World Poetry Proudly Presents Yaman Saleh, a Syrian Canadian!

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  2. Ariadne says:

    Thank you ! Countries that have never come to this site before!
    So many visitors!

  3. Ariadne says:

    World Poetry Lifetime Achievment Award Winner 2012 Richard Doiron wrote: “Yaman is quiet, kind and considerate. He gave me one of his books, The Stranger, which is filled with mystical, intriguing work.”

    Author and poet Yaman Saleh wrote: “I met Richard in May. A modest man, despite his great achievements. I enjoyed talking to him. We exchanged books.
    I wanted to add that modesty is an indication of a fine character.”

  4. “It is how we live it, and that’s it..”
    Absolutely & blessings to all!

  5. Yaman Saleh says:

    Thanks Kitty for dropping by and leaving a comment! BTW, friendship is a special kind of wealth, don’t you agree?


    The Soaring Eagle

  6. Ariadne says:

    Thank you Yaman for your promotional help! You are a wonder!

    • Yaman Saleh says:

      You’re Welcome Ariadne!

      I believe this site should be popular globally, not only in Canada. It’s vision and mission are unique.

      Real poets, all over the world, need to know that such place exists for them to have their voices heard, and their talents appreciated.


      The Soaring Eagle

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