World Poetry Proudly Presents Poet Wilhelmina Salmi from Canada!


Ariadne’s Note: The World Poetry Cafe with hosts Lucia Gorea, Jason Lawrence and new Spanish speaking host Israel Mota and tech Patricio Xavier welcomed Wilhelmina Salmi to  the show with a welcome song by First Nations poet and musician Godwin Barton. To hear or download the show: CLICK HERE!

Wilhelmina Salmi.  An Art Warrior. A fierce creative whirlwind. A sensitive typa lady who can juggle knives while mending her stockings, writing a manuscript, and deeply conversing with friends- old and new.

I need to let you go.

Out of this ocean of me
I need to let you go
I watched the words float endlessly
my burdens a hollow tone
of the engulfing tides

you have become an ivory god
carved in my deepest imaginings
and what remains are the fragments
of both wisdom and glass
with their cuts and sharp speeches of freedom

I am pulled by the truth again
by it’s crushing  undercurrents
I am called from shore
to attest of my rolling follies
I weaken as the waves gently pass
dusting my mind of the torrents
mingling from our speeches, through fingertips

I give praise to the forgotten longings
and surrender to the degrading truth that
I was never your nor you mine
I need to let you go, I offer the wind
I try soothe my wounds, I see the moon
pulling me to you
pulling you away, away
from this ocean of me
where no part of us can live
where we rolled through loves embrace
turning out a pulsing passion
transverse dancing lies
bursting to be memories
and pulling soft other times

 Wilhelmina Salmi (C)

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