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Ariadne wrote: We are so honoured to have another World Poetry Empowered Poet  award winner give us an update  World Poetry member Zayra Yvea is a talented artist, musician, poet and loving person. We often play her two CD’s  as a welcome poet for our featured guests.

Thank you for the honor featuring my poetry and sharing it with the International community. I am grateful to be included and to be an inspiration to others.  I enjoyed my time in Canada at the World Poetry International Festival and was truly honored by the Empowered Poet Award. At this time I am writing my fifth poetry book and working on a novel. I am a student inthe Online Writer’s Studio at Stanford University’s Continuing Studies, which offers dynamic courses in every genre, also hosts the Certificate Program in Novel Writing. The Certificate Program builds on the success and excellent teaching of their regular Online Writing courses with the goal of providing a structured environment in which to write a novel. I hope to release my fifth poetry book in November of 2012 or sooner. I look forward to returning to Canada for more events and sharing the inspiration of poetry worldwide to create more peace and joy!

Blessings,   Zayra

Drowned Cathedral from Sleep in the Sea Tonight With Me.

At last we are free from the rock we had chained our love to
We swim empty between there and somewhere
under the transparent sky no longer bound by the laments of dying.

We are flesh that is torn beyond the language of lyrics
past the art of mystery and into the caves of the heart as light is turned inside out.

We are the miracle that exists in ten thousand grains of sand
in the seaweed of saints and lovers submerged covered in barnacles.

In a drowned cathedral we have found each other again curled in the shell of life.

 by Zayra Yves (c)


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