World Poetry Proudly Presents the Hope for the Future! Sophia Gabrielle from the Philippines!

 Ariadne writes: We are so honoured to present this talented young poet and artist. She will be the hope of our future. Happy International Peace Day to all!

Sofia Gabrielle is a seven-year old poet, artist and honor pupil from the Philippines. She has shown intense fascination with the literary and visual arts when she was just five years old, composing poetry in Filipino and English languages, doing abstract art, painting landscapes and drawing her version of family portraits. As a poet, Sofia Gabrielle, likes to write about love for God, for family and for the country. She has developed a sense of patriotism at an early age and would often speak about unity, peace and hope. While this little genius likes dedicating her poetry to her dad, she enjoys making artworks for her mom. She loves to draw flowers, mountains and portraits of a happy family both in realist and surrealist presentations.  Gabbie has recently started taking piano lessons, proving once more that her talents are indeed vast and limitless. 

1. Flower

you are my flower
the greatest love forever
and if i smell you
your scent so clever
but stay safe all day
even your love
is on your way.

2. The greatest is love.

The greatest of these is love
so if you miss someone you love
talk to the star
and wish for the one
so the heart beats with love

3. Totoong Filipino

ang pagmamahal 
ng tao ay maganda
sundin ang aralin at sundin ang pagiging makabayan
at gawin ito sa pagmamahal
ng pilipinas
at ituring 
ito na magandang tungkulin.

4. Ang kapayapaan sa pilipinas

katahimikan at kapayapaan
ay tungkulin sa ating bansa
huwag itong suwayin
kung gusto mong gawin
ang tamang tungkulin.

Sophia Gabrielle (C)

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  1. Goodness! What a lovely thing to come to this morning. Glad to see this poetry here — great poets start at a young age! Good luck to you and your poetry, Gabbie! And greetings from New Zealand!

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