World Poetry Youth Team Grand Opening Letters for Saturday, Oct 13th at UBC!

Ariadne’s note: We are featuring three powerful letters from our World Poetry Canada International Youth Team members and supporters  from India, Afghanistan  and New Zealand. Thank you all for taking the time to write these special letters.  The next letter will be from  Alaha Ahrar , Afghanistan.They will be read at the grand opening along with a letter from the Priemier of BC , the Mayor of Vancouver and the City of Richmond. We are so blessed with wonderful youth team members.

The first letter that came in is from our World Poetry First Youth Poet Ambassador to India Samerenda Patra, a valued member of World Poetry Intenational, talented poet and a person that makes a difference in the world.

World Poetry First Youth Poet Ambassador to India’








October 6, 2012.

As the ‘World Poetry First Youth Poet Ambassador to India’ and a ‘World Poetry Youth Team member’, I am pleased and extend a hearty welcome everyone to the World Poetry Youth Team Grand Opening, here at the University of British Columbia.

The world is continuously evolving and so its earthly beings. The present world is gripped with ‘materialism’ and sordid activities of ‘terrorism’. It is peace which will act as a guiding source of light for us to dispel such darkness. I hope today’s event will bloom with a new hope of optimism and spread new rays of joy across the hearts of we youth, the creators of beautiful tomorrow.

I thank Ms. Ariadne Sawyer, President –World Poetry Reading Series and all volunteers for working round the clock and making it possible finally to instil the bud of confidence and motivation within each of us present here. I pray to the Almighty that this ‘bud’ never dies and let millions of flower dressed in selfless love and peace emerge from it.
Peace is multi-dimensional and its dimension can just not be defined in a single term.
Please accept my best wishes for the future and I hope everyone has a wonderful time. Before I sleep, let me voice my heart strings.

Strings of hope oscillate in my womb
broken words of belonging-ness flutter together

rays of oneness breeze through

layers of love channelize all over

for Undying Peace, now but a Generation Away.


Samarendra Patra
World Poetry Youth Team Member

Samarenda’s medal!








Hello World Poetry, I got my name in Limca Book of records, there will be a short note about World Poetry and me getting those honors from you. Thank you so much for your blessings . It is the biggest record holder book, and is known to every individual in our country and is the second official ranking to Guinness book of records!




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