Third Letter From Jaypee Belarmino for the World Poetry Youth Team Grand Opening at UBC!

Photo by Jaypee!










Ariadne writes:”We are honoured to present the third letter by the award winning photographer and poet  Ang Jaypee Belarmino. He has been a great supporter of World Poetry Canada International sharing his photographs and poetry with the World Poetry family. Jaypee is also doing both the cover and the photos in our upcoming World Poetry Peace e-book.  We would like to give him our greatest appreciation and thanks.”

 Jaypee writes: “It is with great honor and pleasure to share this occasion with you, dear members of the World Poetry Youth Team. In this gathering, I see poets and artists as individuals sharing their passion to create, to inspire and to celebrate life. But what makes me proud of you most is that as creative minds, all of you are here to work as a team in bringing your sublime talents to serve the world. It is in this highest purpose that we come to realize that there is more to art and poetry. You are all here because you are dreamers and you are fighting for your dreams. Through your genius, show the world what art and poetry stand for. 

Love. Hope. Passion. These are all why we artists write and create. As we are constantly faced by our inner struggles, we choose to fight because we have a life to live. And only a life that burns with love, with hope and with passion, is a life worth living for. 

So go out there, speak your minds out, make a stand and make your voices heard, because only a life shared with others and for others, is a life worth dying for.”

Jaypee Belarmino (C)

2012 World Poetry International Empowered Poet and Artist
Philippines/New Zealand



2 thoughts on “Third Letter From Jaypee Belarmino for the World Poetry Youth Team Grand Opening at UBC!

  1. Carmel padilla

    I’m so happy for you, Jaypee! As one of your mentors in high school, I feel so blessed that I have been a part of your growing and you have been to me. This all the more makes me proud of what you have become. You grew by leaps and bounds!!! And I know and believe that you will be making more waves in the future!!! Kudos! And Bless you more. =)


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