World Poetry Featured Afghan Youth Poet Alaha Ahrar

Let’s all work together to rebuild our country through our own efforts and with God’s assistance.”

Alaha Ahrar

Like many other Afghan youth, I was born during Afghanistan’s recent wars. As far back as I can remember, each morning would begin with news of massacres of innocent Afghan people who were killed just because they were Tajik, Pashtun, Azara, Uzbek, or Hindo. My day would end with the news of explosions and the continuing destruction of my homeland and its innocent people.

Conditions of war have served to keep Afghan youth from receiving a proper education and have forced them to live in an environment of fear and panic.

The dream of building households filled with love, happiness, and security that were an Afghan tradition has been destroyed by past conflicts. The tragedies of war, scenes of deaths of loved ones, destruction of our country’s infrastructure, unwanted displacement, and resulting homelessness have diminished the strength and spirit of the Afghan people. All these conditions have undermined and disheartened young generations of Afghanistan.

The talent and strength of Afghan youth have been replaced with sorrow, pain, and uncertainty. The innocent people of Afghanistan have had to bear terrible burdens due to the wishes of those leaders who wanted to achieve power to rule the country. Because of their personal desire for power, Afghanistan’s leaders did not properly consider the welfare and safety of the Afghan people.

Afghan people have faced a great deal of hard and shocking times in refugee camps where they have been living as displaced persons. Most displaced Afghan people have lost their pride, hope, and all their possessions following decades of war.

Heed my call, dear and brave Afghan youth! Let’s not follow the direction of our “leaders.” Just because they have power and ambition does not mean that they are knowledgeable and have the best interests of our country at heart. If we take seriously the teachings of Islam, then all Afghan leaders and ordinary citizens should behave in a way which shows love, concern for all people, and protection of the nation.

In order to be able to rebuild our country that has been destroyed by a group of selfish and misguided power seekers, let’s do everything within our power to promote education and ethical values throughout the country and seek knowledge and education. Let’s all work together to build a house of peace and unity. Let’s all work together to deliver a positive message to those who have destroyed our country: that we are strong and want to give hope to the youth of Afghanistan. Afghan youth are the proud descendants of the Ariana and Khurassan of old, as well as today’s Afghanistan. Let’s all work together to rebuild our country through our own efforts and with God’s assistance. Then never again should we allow anyone to destroy the beautiful homeland that God graced with natural beauty and then gifted to the Afghan nation.

Instead of Hate, May Love Rain Down

O knowledgeable youth, O awakened generation of this land

Seek knowledge, for it is a decoration for men and women

Living with knowledge and wisdom is humanity’s pride

It is the era of knowledge, be aware! For one cannot live in ignorance

The ignorant ruined your country to this extent

You can rebuild it with knowledge. Listen to me!

Your country’s hopeful eyes are drawn toward you, O youth

So that you may make a garden & prairie from this desolate desert

Bring peace and security to the country! Unity and cooperation,

So that all countrymen be one body, one soul

Alaha begs the All Mighty

Instead of hate, may love rain down, and instead of war, peace

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4 thoughts on “World Poetry Featured Afghan Youth Poet Alaha Ahrar

  1. Nasrat Popal

    Proud of such a young and intelligent Afghan woman. It is amazing article and poem. It is lovely and fantastic.


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