World Poetry Proudly Presents Mutiu Olawuyi a Gambian-based Nigerian Poet!

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We are honoured to welcome a new member and talented poet, Mutiu Olawuyi to World Poetry! 

Mutiu Olawuyi (JP) is a Gambian-based Nigerian Poet, translator, literary critic, anthologist and activist. He is the initiator and Managing Editor of MUSE FOR WOMEN and POETRY ZONE groups (online) -where poets from corners of the world ink to say NO TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN and share their work for constructive criticism respectively. He published three collections of poetry titled: AMERICAN LITERARY LEGENDS AND OTHER POEMS (2010) and THOUGHTS FROM THE JUNGLE (2012) and 9/11 POETRY (2012). He edited and contributed to the maiden ANTHOLOGY OF THE MUSE FOR WOMEN (2012). His poems and articles have appeared in international journals and magazines in Nigeria, India, United States, Ireland, Greece, England and Canada. Olawuyi also has some of his poems translated to Yoruba, Arabic, Malayalam, Telugu, Greek, Esperanto and Hungarian. For more information about Mutiu, go to

My Days Outside Were Never Wasted
By Mutiu Olawuyi

I do not believe they were wasted
my days outside Ikirun-Agunbe;
the cola-nut demography where – son
of the soil – I call proudly myself
even though my mother’s womb landed
me not really there, but Ilesha.

I do not believe they were wasted the days I spent in Mesu-Jamba land;
for there I sipped cups of witty water
and became precacious in body and spirit
Even though I smelled hell from her window,
she made me strong and fired my race.

I do not believe they were wasted
those months I spent in Oji-River;
the land of Abacha, Apu and Ogbono,
where women plough, men befriend palmwine,
and the youths jump joyously behind masquerades.
There I learned the aching life of loneliness.

I do not believe they are wasted
the years I spend beyond my father’s land,
as the wing took me via the caring air away to Brikama, and through the tick soil to Tabokoto
and ultimately to MDI boulevard – for there I tasted the life of a kinless alien among aliens.

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2 thoughts on “World Poetry Proudly Presents Mutiu Olawuyi a Gambian-based Nigerian Poet!

  1. Mustafa Olawuyi

    I congratulate Mutiu Olawuyi for his prestigious admission to the World Poetry Canada. Those who know him from his school days in Nigeria used to thank God for the unique talent He endowed him with. He is hardworking, honest, resilient, indefatigueable, Godconscious and always firm on what he believes in. Sky is not the end but the begining of SUCCESSes for him. Put more efforts.

  2. Olawuyi Abdul Akeem

    Thumb up for Mutiu Olawuyi for his admission into WorldPoetry-Canada. What a wonderful, educative and thought provoking literary work ! This is indeed a blessings for both present and future generations. I BELIEVE THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. Kudos . . .


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