World Poetry Canada International Festival 2013

April 4-30th, 2013
Theme: Inspire Peace.
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre,
University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, BC Canada
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4 Responses to World Poetry Canada International Festival 2013

  1. linking up to network with you on common altruistic ground for the love of sublime art here with your link posted

  2. I am a young poet and student. I have some published my books But I want participant their my poem!!

  3. My facebook name: Rokon Zohur ( This is my Pen name)

  4. My poem books of name:
    1. Preya Pro Abong Proem. 2. Ami tumi todorup, 3, Nil costo abong valo basha, 4. Shobujar pasha pashi nodi boya jay. 5. Opori Pokho Fagunar golpo. 6. Nosto korar posto vasha. 7. jodi Greanay muk fereya naw.
    Rhyme books :
    1. Dadur Bari Nanur Bari
    2. Porir Chora
    3. Shopana Akha gram
    4. Pori o Rakhal Raza
    5. Pakhi o Nodir desh

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