World Poetry Proudly Presents Sheilla Foster from Canada!

Ariadne’s note: We would like to wish all of our readers and supporters a Happy Holiday and thank them all for their kindness and support.
I am honoured to welcome Sheilla Foster, “World Poetry’s Queen of Limericks” with her new book Lighthearted Limericks published by World Poetry Publishing, 2012. It shows that no matter how young or old, we can all make a positive difference in the world. Bravo Sheilla!

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Sheilla Foster was born in Edmonton where it snows a lot in winter and it is very hot in the summer. She moved to Vancouver when she was 16. After graduating from high school she worked for a short while as a switchboard operator. Later she became a truck driver for the Canadian Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service which allowed her to travel all over British Columbia. At that time she also earned a pilot’s license.
Sheilla is married and has three grown sons. After her sons were older, she started teaching night school which she did until she was 75. She started writing limericks when she was 80.

There once was a bonnie bragh turtle
In a fair Scottish glen green and fertile.
      He wore his clan’s kilt
And he sang with a lilt
As he stirred his oatmeal with a spirtle.

A polar bear living in Nunavut
Likes to slide on the snow for the fun of it.
Sooo if you’d like some snow
And don’t know where to go,
Go to Nunavut—you’ll find a ton of it.

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