World Poetry Proudly Presents Marieta Maglas From Romania!

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World Poetry Would like to welcome our first poet from Romania!

Born in Romania ,Radauti, the poetess Marieta Maglas studied at the University of Medicine in Cluj-Napoca (1982-1987), earning the diploma of doctor-medic in dentistry. She has started to write poetry since she was 14 years old publishing her poems on Romanian literary magazines as ‘’Azur ‘’,’’Clopotul’’,’’Junimea Literara’’. At 14 years age, she won the second place National Award for Poetry,the poems being published on the national literary magazine ‘’Contemporanul’’. Later , her poetry was published on different English literary magazines like ‘’The Burning Splint”,’’Ezine articles’’, ‘’ Ikenobo Ikebana Society of America’’ , ‘’Velvetillusion’’(Alabama) ,’’Lusi Library’’,’’Ansel Cheng Photography’’,’’Articlebase’’,’’Allvoices’’, ‘’German Trans’’,’’ Curated Exhibitors’’ and many others.


The idea staying on
its edge of dream
like the winter
melting on its edge of spring,
so serendipitously
to give birth to
the reality.

Pygmalion And Galatea

Your sight was poignantly penetrating  me within.
Your blue eyes were even more bittersweet in that opaque singleness,
our touch was like a sadness piano song.

I did  not know when you really wanted to exist for yourself
while pretending to be existent.
I kissed you and you thought that it was only a kiss
but I wanted to swallow your silence
and to blow into the air your defense.

You were dying inside of you.
You loved me in this  secret room of ours.
We could understand our existence.
That room kept us hidden from the whole world for a second.

In our  dream, we became free
We tried to free  our mind and our souls,
but our dream couldn’t  generate any idea.

We made love for no other reason but to love each other.
I  became a milky white ivory Galatea of yours.
You made me your woman for that sense of belonging.

I needed that, I  wanted my own metamorphosis.
I became  that Galatea not being able to leave the love cell.
In your absence, I became that Galatea wallowing in hopelessness
understanding that the sadness was the  only thing really existent inside.
I became that Galatea wanting to see again your green-blue loving eyes.

You became that Pygmalion of mine,  for without me……..

Marieta Maglas (c)

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