World Poetry Proudly Presents Christena AV Williams from Jamaica!


Christena Williams.








Ariadne’s Note: We would like to welcome Christena AV Williams , an International  Jamaican World class poet  who  is very  versatile in her writings. She has been featured in The Gleaner newspaper 29 times, poetry anthologies and magazines. She loves old classic souls and Bob Marley. In her leisure time she writes rap lyrics, poetry, text, surf the net, Read books and watch law and order SVU, CSI, Bones, Castle and Bein Sport. She loves adventure and mystery books. She sees herself as a radical poet and aspires to become a criminal Lawyer.

Christena’s poem will be read at the World Poetry Black History Celebration on February 27th in New Westminster, BC, Canada.

 Out of many one people

Beat the Congo
Blow the horn
Wave your hand
Out of many one people
What a vibration
In a this little island

Even though we can’t live as one
But when a party time
We unite
Nuh matter the culture (it doesn’t)
We a full joy we self
You have Rasta talking
Christians praying
Bay song playing (in the context Bay means a lot)
Smiles on everybody faces
Out many one people

So come the Chinese, British, Syrians, Americans, Indians
Every Caribbean and rest of the world
Come to Jamaica
And feel alright
Listen some Bob
Don’t carry no jewelery
Because you will get rob
But come and eat
Have a feast
Enjoy we beach

Energy a shot
Drink a cold beer
Relax under the coconut tree
Feel free
We have jerk chicken
Curry goat
Festival, rice, Bammy
Fry and steam fish
Come enjoy we cultural dish
Food galore
Go back a your country
Tell every boy and girl
Say Jamaica nice

We know say crime and violence
A plague
But don’t let that stop you
Cause everybody welcome
Nuh matter taste (It doesn’t)
Come in a haste
Cause we have a celebration
Jam dung vibration
Me a tell the politician
Say me a send out a special invitation
But first we yard need renovation
Build up Jamaica
And education
Cause we live in a paradise
Black, green and gold
We proud and bold
As we motto say
Out of many one people.


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6 Responses to World Poetry Proudly Presents Christena AV Williams from Jamaica!

  1. Hello Antonia,

    You have wet my appetite with the love and imaged scenes of Jamaica this morning. I just couldn’t hold it than to read the poem a thousand times. The rhyme, language, simplicity, flow, message is stunning and on this very poem of fertility I will build my thought
    Welcome to our lovely group of good thought

  2. ebi says:

    Great. Keep it up

  3. JemmaD says:

    I have the honour of reading reading your poem at World Poetry … Tomorrow.
    Do you have an email address or fb I can contact you?
    Wonderfull images of Jamaica.
    My email is and I am on facebook.

  4. Thank you for your comments They are appreciated and I happy I could share my thoughts and poetry with you.

  5. Paul says:

    Your a good poet antonia, keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  6. James Miller says:

    That is such a nice poem with good thought. Thank you for the post.

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