World Poetry Proudly Presents Oswald George Nii Okai Koi Okaitei from Ghana!


Ariadne’s notes: We would like to welcome World Poetry Canada International Empowered Poet Award Winner Oswald George Nii Okai Koi Okaitei  to this site. He is anothern talented youth with a mission to make the world a better place. It is wonderful to have such youth leaders with a mandate for peace and respect! Well done Oswald.

Oswald George Nii Okai Koi Okaitei,  ( Oswald d’Atl Entertainer) is a new graduate of the University of Cape Coast. He had his senior High and Junior High education at Presbyterian Boys’ SHS and Seven Great Princes Academy respectively.

Oswald read science in school but has shown great interest in theatre arts by featuring in a lot of stage and screen plays. Phenomenal of these include playing “Boy” in “ANOWA” to honour Prof. Ama Atta Aidoo during the National Theatre of Ghana’s Living Legends’ Series in 2003, winning the Accra-East Best Poet during the 2003 Greater Accra Cultural Festival, directing the Anglican-Catholic Students of the University of Cape Coast Drama group during “SINGINSPIRATION” for three years, directing the Atlantic Hall of the University of Cape Coast Drama group for four years, featuring in former GTV’s best Children programme, ”By The Fireside” and directing and producing several plays including ‘THOU PSEUDO-CHRISTIAN’, ‘NKRUMAH MIGHT BE RIGHT!’, ‘OSAGYEFO’ among others.

He is naturally skilled in writing and has written a number of poems and plays that are yet to be published, though performed on different platforms.

At the university, he served a lot of leadership role in the entertainment field. Some of these include serving as SRC Entertainment secretary (2010/11 academic year) and Atlantic Hall Entertainment Chairperson (2011/12 academic year).He also master-minded several successful events as ‘UCC LADIES WEEK’,’SRC FUNNITE’ and ‘ATLANTIC HALL ENTERTAINMENT ACOLADE’.

He was a nominee for the National Youth Achievers Award (Ghana)- Arts Category.


From a distance, I hear…
The blast of the earth crust
Borne of the bomb blast
O, souls are so fast
Been forced into the dust
as in the heart, the bullets thrust
Subjecting our lives to fear!

I can hear the gun screams…
O, souls are getting ‘trashed’
Off, ‘lives’, are been flushed
and the long hallucinated dreams
O, are been severely crushed!

Why the thought of war feast?
Why celebrate murder feast?
Have men become beasts?
From north, south, west to east
Rest your ‘wrestling clinching fist’!

I can’t see any more…
O it glows dim, the peace flame
I can’t hear any more…
It fades the peace bell’s yell
The appeal for peace is failing!
So let’s aid in the ‘peace calling’!

With our poetic word
Let’s fuel the dimming flame
With our poetic words
Let’s toll loud the peace bell

Let’s resurrect our dreams
Let’s calm the gun screams
For one people, we are!
And one people, we must be!

We could host varying views
But that shouldn’t tell war news
We must embrace unity
Yes! Unity in diversity!

Oswald George Nii Okai Koi Okaitei (C)

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