World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Proudly Presents Synn Kune Loh from China & Canada!


Ariadne’s Note: The World Poetry Cafe Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcome the talented author, poet, musician and painter as well as internationally known speaker, Synn Kune Loh . To HEAR THE SHOW: CLICK HERE.

Synn Kune Loh is an exhibiting visual artist, design consultant, and international speaker on the evolution of consciousness. For over a decade he travelled extensively in Mexico, leading explorations to twenty pyramids, including the special sacred site known as The Luminerias. Synn Kune is an active speaker with the Sivananda Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, California. Born in China, Synn Kune grew up in Hong Kong. He completed a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Bridgeport in the USA, before his graduate study in Cultural Psychology at Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario. An accomplished painter, he studied experimental art at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. In addition, Synn Kune holds a Master’s Degree in Therapeutic Counselling from the International College of Spiritual and Psychic Science in Montreal, Quebec. With his wife, Dawn, Synn Kune Loh currently lives in Vancouver, BC, where he paints, writes poetry and conducts transformative workshops.

The Birth of Great Happiness

The night is finally quiet,
but my heart is far from still.
I listen for the silence,
that will take me beyond
a poet’s eloquence.

I stand in the corridor of time
and you are but one thought away.
Touch me gently while I sleep,
to brush away the boundary of dreams.

We are new moon to all the stars.
Violet lightning opens the midnight sky.
This is the night in which time begins.
Stand with me while I hold your hand.
We await in great eagerness,
the birth of a new consciousness.

The foundation has been shaken,
we awake to celebrate

the birth of great happiness.

Synn Kune  Loh (C)

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