Peace Poetathon

WP Group PhotoEmpower Peace!  A World Poetry Peace initiative fueled by love, hope and faith!

4 thoughts on “Peace Poetathon

  1. mamta agarwal

    Dear Ariadne,

    This is such a wonderful initiative. I completely support it with mind, heart and spirit. I would certainly like to organize an event here.

    Let’s join hands to heal our planet and ourselves.

    Warm Regards

    Mamta Agarwal

  2. Una Bruhns - Vancouver, B.C. Canada

    What World Poetry means to me in a word . . . . “Prism”

    Like a prism World Poetry shines its light, spanning across the world . . .
    Connecting a . . . “Rainbow of Nations”

  3. Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, Litt.D

    A poet promoting world peace through poetry, I furnish here under my recently composed poem for WORLD POETRY :


    The beautiful flowers have to wilt tonight
    And pave a way for the new buds to sprout,
    The hapless birds have to hide with fright
    To rejoice the future dawn, lurking in await.

    The pitiable sight of a bone sucked beggar
    The pathetic sight of untimely death of a dear,
    The emotionally charged heart of a jilted lover
    We all dread the recurring trend of sunset hour.

    The darkness which infiltrates through the sunset
    Implants a fiery instinct within; how to gush it out.
    Prompt things to get astray, with uncertainty at hilt
    It gives no scope to counter the recurring torment.

    The moon and stars are duty-bound to enthrall,
    Nature, but performs its task for our own survival,
    Unless the sun sets, tomorrow cannot dawn here
    Yes, it dawns only to dispel our gloom and fears.


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