World Poetry Proudly Presents Pancho and Sal, Rio Samaya Band from Canada!


Ariadne’s note: We were so excited to welcome back the world touring couple and Rio Samaya Band, Pancho and Sal to the World Poetry Café Radio Show!  Music by Pancho and Sal, background music by Anthony Prosk and song by Ablaye Cissoko and Volker Gretze  On behalf of producer and host, Ariadne Sawyer, hosts, Vivian Davidson, Israel Mota and our tech Medhi, we had a great and interesting show. Many thanks to the prevous tech who was able to help us out until Medhi arrived. Exciting preview, see above photo!  Pancho and Sal also playing a new song from their new CD which is being made in Mexico. A special treat for all their fans.



Pancho and Sal.


Rio Samaya Band a.k.a Pancho and Sal.

Travel and Music, or travelling with music is what Pancho and Sal have done in the last years touring the world, as well as across Canada.

The whole experience and being full time musicians has not only improved their act, but has also added new tunes and so many things to talk about during the show, giving a real sensation of moving around without moving from your seat.

In constant change, they remain the same couple we have been seeing year after year  bringing a musical display that will include songs in Spanish, English and French, while playing a variety of instruments, like guitar, ukulele, charango, drum, accordion and flutes.

Well, all that won’t happen during the radio interview.. but we will listen some of the new songs and latest travels histories.

Check out:


“El día que yo me vaya de aquí”                                                                                                    by  Francisco & Sally Pace ©

El día que yo me vaya de aquí,
trabajo me va a costar escribir,
porque del otro lado también
intensiva es la vida para mi.

El día que yo me vaya de aquí,
el corazón tendrá pena,
pena de no volverte a ver,
pena de no poder volver.

El día que yo me vaya de aquí,
voy abrazarte fuerte,
para que no tengas dudas de mí,
de cuanto pude quererte.

El día que yo me vaya de aquí,
Mejor no ponernos tristes,
que sea la despedida
de las alegrías vividas.

Y  si un día regreso,
te daré un gran beso,
para borrar la ausencia
y el largo silencio…

F & S Pace / Pancho & Sa l/ Rio Samaya Band




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