World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Proudly Presents Franci Louann from Canada!

Ariadne’s Note: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcomed the talented poet, organizer and communicator, Franci Louann, part of the Discover New Westminster Series and the beginning of the WP Peace Poetathon Series.

Award winning filmmaker  Vic Sarin was also on at the end of the show, talking about his new film HUE and sharing his wisdom. The last showing is on Friday at 10 am, Vancouver International Film Festival.

E-poems: Happy Birthday World Poetry Canada & International by Oswald George Okaitei for our wonderful Facebook group which is three years old! For the Poetathon Launch , a poem by Leigh Nelson called Gandhi’s Lament.

Music by the accomplished musician and Instrument maker from Salt Spring Island, Terry Warbey from his CD Celtic Heart. To hear this exciting show and the accomplished guests: CLICK HERE!







Franci Louann was born Frances Louann Workman in Stratford, Ontario. She was first published in the mid-70’s in Dorothy Livesay’s last anthology. Franci has thirteen poems in her Peace directory, written since the ‘80’s. The word ‘peace’ appears in forty-four or more of her poems.

Recent publications have been with Lipstick Press, Leaf Press, Silver Bow Publishing, Vivalogue and Quattro Books. Franci loves to contribute small poems to ‘big’ books that might make a difference.

She is the World Poetry Ambassador to Australia and New Zealand and  a communications award winner for her service to the literary and artistic community.







(prompt: write of ‘fear’)

she’d look good
in camouflage
green, brown
would compliment
hazel eyes

but she cringes
at the sight
of camouflage

its purpose
may be hiding
with a gun

Franci Louann January 11, 2010

Peace   war   violence   fear   military


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