World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Proudly Presents Winnie L. Cheung from Canada!

Ariadne’s notes: A wonderful radio show! Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Vivian Davidson welcomed the poet and guiding light of Vancouver Asian Heritage Society Winnie L. Cheung in a special show honouring her mother. She shared the making of her mother’s book Childhood Lost which is available at People’s Co-op Bookstore on Commercial Drive , Vancouver, BC, Canada. 100% of the proceeds are donated to support Girls Education via UNICEF & other Charities.) Winnie also read her peace poems inspired by her mother which had been on display at UBC.
Also featured was the welcome poem for Neda in Egypt and her message to Ariadne.

Special guest Anita Aguirre Niveras hosted a segment of poems  a song and birthday messages to a gentleman who is 99 years young!

To hear this great show: CLICK HERE! Note: the shows are archived for six months.

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Winnie L. Cheung writes in English and Chinese. An international and intercultural educator, she has taken early retirement to create more personal space for reading and writing. “Poetry, flowing from our inner fount and distilled from lived experiences, is the ultimate expression of humanity”, says Winnie.  She wants to celebrate it with other kindred spirits, and enjoys being part of the Tapestry Team from the World Poetry Society which shares a poem by the renowned Chinese Tang Dynasty Poet Li Bai (701 –762) by reading it in several languages on different occasions throughout the Lower Mainland.

In recent years she has also devoted a lot of her time to promoting immigrant artists by building platforms and bridges through The Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society (VAHMS).

CL book cover English

 A Waiting Prayer

Huddled under the family table laden
with memories of better times
Eyes blurred
Ears blocked
Nose bleeding, fuming smoke
heart in mouth, dry with fear
We waited and hoped
against hope.

Knees deep in cold clammy mud
Eyes wide open
mouth shut tight.
A baby wailed and was
Dead silence
but for the chirpy crickets in the grass
and jubilant mosquitoes zooming past.
We waited and prayed
for dinner and

Winnie L. Cheung (C)

The Dead Screamed

Fiery lines scratched the
velvety sky
Bombers zoomed by
Blood clouds descended and
rose in style

Century-old homes smashed to smithereens
Thousand-year-old bloodlines scattered –
 severed or thinned.

The living remained silent.
The dead screamed.


Winnie L. Cheung (C)

Love Song #1A & B.docx,  Photo and poem in Chinese and English.



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