World Poetry Presents Youth Ambassador Samarendra Patra from India!

Ariadne’s note: We are proud to present the first poet in our newWhere Are They Now ?” segment. During the next few weeks, we will be presenting a number of the World Poetry Canada International Award Winners who will be sharing their work and telling us what they have been doing since their awards.

Samarender Patra , World Poetry Youth Ambassador to India, is sharing a beautiful poem about  a young, courageous women, Malala Yousafzai, a brave and brilliant beacon of light for peace, forgivness and determination. He also is a youth beacon for light and goodness.
Many of our award winners are youth and are the world’s hope for the future.








Award winner Samarendra Patra is pursuing Mechanical Engineering from SRM University, India. He is the first World Poetry Youth Poetry Ambassador to India . His name is listed in India Book of Records-2013 and Limca Book of Records-2013. He has written over 400 poems in three languages :English; Hindi and Odia.

Samarendra has been congratulated by Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik , Governor of Tamil Nadu Dr.K.Rosaiah, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N.Kiran Reddy, social activist Dr.Kiran Bedi, President of Harvard University Dr.Drew Faust and several others.








I AM MALALA –I’ll rise high

Through the broken windows I see
Reptiles of discrimination;
Terrors multiplying;
A choking cloud of smoke; and
free birds in sheer silence.

How can we tolerate!
Threads of rainbow being torn apart;
Dirty hands spilling dust on dawn;
Black masks hindering the light of education and
Guns and Bullets safeguarding evil deeds!

‘YOU’ can numb me now;
I may die at this point in time,
but I will gush forth through the tides and
Shall always stand as a symbol of courage.

Oh My Countrymen!
Let us light the lamps together;
Let boats of knowledge sail on every ocean;
Let every wings get a sky; and
Let we all sing every second-
Yes! I AM MALALA-I’ll rise high.



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  1. mamta agarwal says:

    very beautiful poem

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