World Poetry Proudly Presents the Youth Poetess Anviksha Srivastava!

Ariadne`s Notes: World Poetry is proud to present a talented youth poet Srivastava Anviksha from India and the USA.  She will be featured in a radio interview in June. We are beginning to get submissions from youth poets all over the world. Due to privacy issue, we do not publish a photo but instead an individual art work by the poet.


“Hi, my name is Srivastava Anviksha. I am 12 years old and in grade 7. Besides writing poems,I love to read, dance, design dresses, and sing. I have recieved the Bal Prathibha Sman (India). My poems have been published in Creative Writing, American Poetry magazines, Ardmore library magazine, and some magazines in India. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. My favorite music artist is Ed Sheeran and favorite band is Little Mix.“




The Glass

There stands
a broken wing
which cannot
be fixed
there sits
a book
with all
its pages
torn out
every day
hoping for
something new
and better
but, only
got sorrow
broken that glass
was into
a million pieces
when walked
to school
ready to
be helped repair
only to
be broken
into a trillion
pieces more
when reached
to the point
where no
more could
be broken
that glass.

Srivastava Anviksha (C)

1 thought on “World Poetry Proudly Presents the Youth Poetess Anviksha Srivastava!

  1. selene Bertelsen

    Wonderful poetry Anviksha! I began writing poetry around your age…it’s nice to see talented youth poets/poetesses! Congratulations!


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