AJA, a Barbadian-born, Internationally Known Poet Coming to the Festival!


AJA @ Village TO

The Fourth World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival welcomes the internationally known performance poet , filmmaker and musician AJA! This is an amazing one time opportunity to meet AJA in person and hear his great performances.  He will be coming in on the October 22nd and leaving on October 27th. If you want to meet him or invite him to perform, please contact Ariadne at 604-526-4729  ariadnes@uniserve.com.   Don’t miss seeing his film at our festival! All events are free.

He will be featured at The World Poetry Night Out Fifth Anniversary, October 22nd at 6:30  PM at the New Westminster Public Library and  his film The Journey at the World Poetry Peace and Human Rights Festival at the UBC Learning Centre Exchange on October 25th.  Opening at  10:30 am. (Film time coming soon)

 Check out Machine Gun Bullets:              http://youtu.be/zImnSdzDpaM

AJA poet is a Barbadian-born World Music & Jazz poet and musician based in New York. AJA blends Jazz and R&B with various Caribbean rhythms – including Reggae and Calypso, to create a unique sound.  This provides the platform for him to deliver his thought-provoking and engaging poetry. AJA has taken performance poetry to the international World Music, Jazz and Poetry Festivals stages; and his works have also been internationally published.

A feature of AJA is his intensity on stage. His work is captivating with heart-wrenching imagery that is engaging – “edutainment”. From his emergence as a poet, AJA has focused on global issues such as war, hunger and the abuse of women and children. But in 2003 he decided to do more and transformed his poems from the stage and the page into practical initiatives in Barbados, other Caribbean territories as well as in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

In 2003 he was made a UNDP Spokesperson on Peace and Poverty Eradication for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.  He is also a UN Women Caribbean Partner for Peace; and a member of the UN Secretary-General’s Network of Men Leaders – promoting and mobilising activities for the “UNiTE: End Violence against Women” Campaign.


Tel: 917-797-9173       Email: ajapoet@hotmail.com

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