World Poetry Proudly Presents Award Winner Ruth Kozak from Canada!


Ariadne’s Notes:

The World Poetry Canada International Peace and Film Festival is proud to present an Empowered Writers Award to the  marvelous writer  Ruth Kozak on October 19th, SFU Downtown, Harbor Center (1:30-4:30 PM) Room 7000. Please register in advance at since seating is limited.




Ruth Kozak is a Canadian travel journalist with a strong interest in history and archaeology. A frequent traveler Ruth lived for several years in Greece and instructs classes in travel journalist and creative writing. A travel writer since 1982, her publications include the Vancouver Province, The Vancouver Sun, 50 Plus, Senior Living, and various other newspapers and magazines in Canada, US and the United Kingdom as well as on-line publications, and Ruth also edits and publishes her own on-line travel zine at   She has been published in the APA Insight Guides 1994, Writer’s Abroad anthology “Foreign Flavours” as well as two poetry anthologies and was writer for The Vancouver Guide for Planet Eye Traveler.  Ruth was recently invited to Egypt by Egyptian Tourism and you can read her blogs about this trip a   She is currently working on an Athens Guide e-book for Hunter Publishing, US.



I love this one! Thank you, Ruth.

Ruth’s first historical fiction novel SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON (volume one) was recently published by  UK.  This is her first published literary work.  Volume Two BLOOD ON THE MOON: THE FIELDS OF HADES will be produced in 2016.  Ruth just returned from a successful book promo tour where she attended the Historical Novel Writer’s Conference in London, Eng. and was invited to three events in Greece including a reading at the Athens Centre, a presentation at the World Poetry Conference in Larissa and a reading for two grade nine classes at the Athens Community School.  SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON is currently available on and in bookstores.

Signing the contract!

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  1. Roger Thomsen

    Ruth, you really deserve all these accolades, especially after a long, unassuming and unpretentious “career” as a “writer”. You are my inspiration and undoubtably have left a seriously positive impression on many other people who you’ve interacted with, and I’m especially thinking of those young folks you always try to reach out to, whether it be in a formal classroom type setting, or “on the bus” in the greater Metro Vancouver area. I’m ordering a copy of your new book tomorrow! Take care. Roger.


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