World Poetry Proudly Presents Three Award Winning Filmmakers from VAFF!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Anita Aguirre Nieveras along with super tech, Israel Mota welcome two of the three award winning films, sponsored by our great partner  Vancouver Asian Film festival to be shown on October 25th at the World Poetry Canada International Film and Human Rights Festival 10:30-10:30 pm  at our wonderful partner, the UBC Learning Exchange, 612 Main Street, in Vancouver. To Listen CLICK HERE!


A fascinating conversation about the making of films, challenges and hope and plans for the future ensued with the talented filmmakers Theo Kim and Vulcan Siu . Also in the group was Grace Chin, Festival Director who spoke about the VAFF exciting upcoming festival and Regina. Also featured was Professor Bodhirupa Sinha from India who is doing a seminar in Vancouver on Tagore and education. She read a lovely poem that embodied  the philosophy of Tagore both for learning and women’s rights.

VAFF films to be shown at the the World Poetry Canada Peace and Human Rights Festival at 5:00 pm:

VAFF Three Short Films

Stick with You | Director/Writer, Vulcan Siu | Producer, Felix Chow & Vincent Tai After a heavy drinking party, a college student, Ian, decides to drive back to the dorm – with unforeseen consequences.

#YELLOWMAN | Director, Theo Kim | Producer, Phil Planta #YELLOWMAN is a superhero comedy about a brilliant scientist, who, after a life changing antimatter experiment, wants to make the world a better place by becoming the world’s first superhero. This becomes increasingly difficult because of power, money and instant fame from over exposure via social media.

Contaminant | Director, Kevin Justin Ang | Producer, Phil Plant

The story of two people discovering a town where a scientific experiment has gone horribly wrong.

 *The above films are part of a 24 hour video feed and display at the Irving Barber Learning Centre at UBC until October 27th.

Some of the filmmakers will be in attendance for Q & A.

Come to the free film festival!

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