World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Presents Gina Cavalier from the USA!

 Ariadne’s Notes:  The World Poetry Café Radio Show with host Ariadne Sawyer and guest host Wanda John -Kehewin plus super tech and host Israel Mota were honoured to welcome Gina Cavalier from Los Angeles and Wilson Munoz from Vancouver, Canada . It was a delight to hear Gina tell about her lovely book , hard work and inspiration.The images of her sitting in Gene Rodenberry’s big leather chair where he used to “dream about future worlds” were amazing. To hear the show: CLICK HERE!

Wilson will be featured  on site tomorrow. It takes me a volunteer hour to put on each feature.


Gina Cavalier lives and works in Los Angeles, CA as a writer, illustrator and painter.  Writing and drawing stories since she was a child, Cavalier found herself inspired to write her own stories while working in Star Trek Creator, Gene Roddenberry’s office as his wife’s assistant.  Since then, Cavalier has gone on to write and develop television dramas, romantic comedy films, teen network shows and more.  Her journey into book writing is primarily set on original children’s tales that she illustrates herself with a second book, “Gina Cavalier’s – Turtle Without A Name” set to hit shelves in March 2015.

HISBC front 8.5x11 copy 2

About the Book:

Experience A Story Through Art as well as Words with “Gina Cavalier’s – How I Became Santa Claus”

“Gina Cavalier’s – How I Became Santa Claus” Combines Beautifully Hand drawn Art and a captivating narrative to form a unique and meaningful Holiday Story that’s sure to become a Favorite. Inspired by three enchanting pieces she discovered in a Park City, Utah thrift store (a bird house general store, whimsical snowman and old Santa), Cavalier put years of film and television writing and illustrating experience to work to form a visual and reading experience that all ages can enjoy. A story that not only accompanies striking artwork, but tells of respecting fellow man, who he is, where he comes from and the importance of withholding judgment unless having walked in his shoes.

Follow one little boy with a big destiny…to become the next Santa Claus. In Gina Cavalier’s premiere book, readers will journey with Nick, an eight-year-old boy, as he faces magical creatures, a formative foe and life-changing decisions that will determine his fate and the future of Santa Claus.  Told through fifty one hand drawn illustrations, “Gina Cavalier’s – How I Became Santa Claus” is a story of hope, dreams, magic and beauty. To purchase this lovely book: Amazon:

Gina Cavalier (C)

Cavalier Originals


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