World Poetry Proudly Presents Danny Teller in China!


Ariadne’s Notes:  We are pleased to welcome Danny Teller to our World Poetry Family.

Danny Teller is a UK National who was born in 1964.

He lived in the UK for most of his childhood before moving to Israel at 21 years of age where he resided for nearly 20 years.

After leaving Israel in 2002 he spent some time in America before moving to Nepal to teach English to children in a school for nearly 6 months.

From 2003 till 2009 Danny returned to the UK where he spent time in the writing/ publishing world and learning IT in much of his free time.

More recently and after making many trips to Africa, Asia, America and Europe he is currently teaching English and residing in China with companion Yvonne Wu.

The Meaning of Happiness

I find that the meaning of happiness is definitely pure and simple.
I find that the meaning of happiness is all about finding a peaceful environment.
It could be said that some of us find it when we least expect it.
The meaning of happiness can definitely be found but what we expected
we don’t always receive and what we receive we don’t always  expect.
The meaning of true happiness is different for
each and every one of us so come on board the double decker bus.

The meaning of happiness is always real and alive
The meaning of happiness is always alive and well but not
necessarily down a dark and deep ‘well’
I find that the best happiness is when life is pure
and simple without a deep dimple.
The best kind of happiness is so pure and simple with no real ifs or buts.

The meaning of happiness is a feeling of elation and salutation
The meaning of happiness has added financial security and real integrity.
The meaning of happiness can be temporary or permanent.
For me the meaning of happiness has positive emotions
but most importantly of all true happiness indicates
a long lasting and eternal peace with some elegant geese.

Danny Teller (C)

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