World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Proudly Presents Selene Bertelsen!

Performing with Hands

 Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Wanda Kehewin welcomed the talented poet and soon to be author, Selene Bertelsen  to the radio  show.To hear the show or download : CLICK here!.

Selene Bertelsen is a Poet, empowered dancer, director, writer, host and poet and  Ambassador to the Orkney Islands. A woman of many talents. She is also a  specialist on Middle English.

Selene’s first interaction with the creative arts came about around the age of five through finger painting and drawing.  The house was often a mess of colour and paper.  Drawing soon evolved into a love for the written word and for a way of combining the two.  By the age of ten, her grade five teacher told her that she was destined to write a book someday.  By the age of 13, she literally had enough material for a book!  The creative process has simply never stopped.

Selene finds inspiration and solace within nature.  Her creative process is driven by a love for the environment, its animals and people, and a need to interact with them.

         As a BC based, New Westminster poet, she spends much of her time writing and volunteering.  Currently, Selene is one of World Poetry’s official Volunteer Coordinators and a World Poetry Board Director.  As World Poetry Ambassador to The Orkney Isles, she is also a multi-award winning/multi-published poetess (World Poetry Facebook Site -ongoing, Royal City Poet’s Anthology #1-20011, Fraser Anthology  -2014), Middle English “Scald” (bard), Artist, Amateaur dancer/choreographer, and singer 

      In addition, as a First Level Student of Reiki, Selene actively practices this traditional Japanese energy – healing technique to help people naturally manage pain and discomfort.

Urban Trash Poetry

The streets are littered with Homo Sapien Sapiens’ .


Although invisible to the neglectful eye,
It’s obvious to the dirty man on the street,
And to the beasts that ravage the city at night.

This is all we have to give to the lonely and unfortunate?
To the Schizophrenic with long dirty fingernails,
Who talks of Coke bottles?
To the man on the street getting high for warmth,
And to his dog who lies cuddled under a blanket,
His head being pelted with steady rain?
I guess they deserve nothing better.
Nor do the Seagulls and Crows
Who feast on rotten McDonald’s,
The Alley Cats, who root through dumpsters
For expired morsels,
Or the Racoons who scavenge
Through the most offensive remains.

I think the trash on our streets

Should be of “better quality”.
Maybe somebody could drop a heater out their window
So one less Homeless person won’t freeze to death.
Or maybe we could leave only natural waste in the dumpsters
For our friendly Beastly Folk to feed off of.

GNAW”.  That would be too much effort.

Doesn’t it sound pretty?

Don’t you feel good, knowing you’ve
Made an investment?
I don’t.
But what the hell,
My toonie won’t make a difference anyway.

Selene Frances Bertelsen (C)

 December 28th, 2014 By: Selene Frances Bertelsen from her first book, “Look Twice” : Poems and Prose– to be published in 2015.



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