World Poetry Presents Tom Higgins from England!


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Ariadne’s Notes: World Poetry is proud to present Tom Higgins! He has been waiting to be featured for a long time and we want to thank him for his patience. Tom is a valued member of our wonderful World Poetry Canada International closed group on Facebook and regularly presents good poems which are enjoyed by many.

He writes: “My name is Tom Higgins. I am sixty years old and I live in Cumbria in Northwest England. I started to write poetry at the age of fifty five and I found that I had a penchant for writing rhyming verse. I try to write poetry with a point.”


It’s a long, long road
When you’re the only one on it.
It’s a long, long way
To travel all alone.

It’s a long, long road
When there’s no one to walk with.
And it’s a long , long time
To have to travel on your own.

It’s a long, long journey
To your final destination
It’s a long sad life
Without someone there to share.

It’s a long , long face
Without a smile upon it.
It’s a long lonely life
If there’s no one there to care.

Yes it’s a long , long life
Too long to live it lonely.
It’s a long empty life
Without someone’s love to keep.

It’s a long, long life
Without someone there beside you.
All those long , endless nights
All alone and trying to sleep.

So put a smile on your face
As you set off on life’s highway.
Keep a smile on your face
As you travel down the road.

‘Cos with a smile on your face
Friends will always find you,
And you can walk together
And share life’s heavy load.

Tom Higgins 15/06/2013 ©


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