World Poetry Presents Photo Artist Musa Musavi from Afghanistan!


World Poetry Canada International is proud to feature a new youth director Musa Musavi who will joining other youth directors from Afghanistan and  different countries around the world in our new expansion for WPCI.  They will be working hard on special projects and the World Poetry Peace Poetathon  as well as creating new projects for our two month exhibition in 2016 at UBC.  World Poetry would like to thank UBC and the Irving Barber Learning Centre for helping to create such a difference in the world.


Musa was featured in two photographic exhibitions at the Irving Barber Learning Centre, a library at University of British Columbia in Vancouver BC, where 100,000 visitors and students were clocked in during the month of October at our World Poetry Canada International Film Festival, October 2014 .


His work and message below received a lot of favorable comments.  Musa is one of a group of amazing youth who want to help create a better world.

Thanks to another youth director and award winning  filmmaker , Sharif Saedi, whose film , Dying of Thirst which was shown at the World poetry Canada International Peace and Human Rights Film Festival the awards were able to de delivered to Afghanistan recently.

Aja 003

Adisa  AJA  Andwele, WPCI Advisor  reading  the message next to the display.

Musa’s message to the exhibition:

“When I take my camera to create a new picture, each time that my camera flashes, a new journey starts… Every time, when I realize that I have taken a picture, I find myself feeling so weak among others.

I had never thought that I would be documenting so many lives through my camera. They need help because they deserve to be happy like the others; they deserve to have light not darkness.

Each flash of my camera tries to be a light to remove the darkness. I might not have enough ability but I have the ability to share my life with them, to find peace for them.

I am Musa Musavi, a small photographer from the world of war in Afghanistan. I am ready to sacrifice my life for those people who seek peace and to be happy around the world.

Are you ready to sacrifice yours?

With love, Musa.”


Aja 005

Coming soon! More youth directors and advisors!


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