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Ariadne’s Notes: We are proud to feature Obaidur Rahman  as a featured poet and singer  from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am sorry it took so long to feature him but we have such a long waitlist. Welcome!

Obaidur Rahman is a Dhaka, Bangladesh based writer and in 2011 he penned his debut book of poetry titled “The Mystic Inferno”. The book mostly centered around the mysticism and spirituality. And some key characteristics of the poems are that they are very confessional, absolutely sincere and very serious. In other words basically the very perspective of the poet himself, on life, world and the Universe in general. The book is considered one of the best works of contemporary Bangladeshi English literature scene.

He has also authored two more books, one is called “The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life in the Universe” which is somewhat a semi-scientific attempt to understand whether there is life beyond Earth, and the other is a collection of his non-fiction writings and articles that he penned down over the last 15 years, that appeared in numerous national and international publications, both print and online.

Obaidur Rahman is also a singer/songwriter and an all-around musician, who in 2014, released his debut double albums, titled “Prahelika-1” & “Prahelika-2″, which contain entirely acoustic guitar based indie-alt-pop-rock songs. He is the first solo artist in the history of Bangladesh music to release debut double albums with all original songs, sang, tuned, composed, played and produced by the artist Obaid himself.”

Prahelika has two meanings, 1-Enigma 2-Progress
Here is the YouTube link to his songs:

You Tube: Obaid The Artist-Official


Book Cover of The Mystic Inferno-By Obaidur Rahman

Here are few links concerning his book:

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6-     The Review in the Sri Lankan News Paper THE SUNDAY LEADER<

Please checkout “The Mystic Inferno” @ the following sites. As usual, your feedback is always appreciated.



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