World Poetry Welcomes Alaha Ahrar from Afganistan and the USA!

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Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show welcomed World Poetry Canada International Director  Alaha Ahrar on Tuesday, April 28, 9:00 pm in a  wonderful program with Alaha’s  wisdom and poetry plus her wishes for youth and a beautiful poem in Farsi. Co-host Anita Aguirre Nieveras translated a poem about Wind by World Poetry Canada International Advisor  Dr. Hadda Sendoo from Mongolia into Tagalog in five minute! Music by Andy Vine and a great interview with Ken McAteer, President of Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society,  (our noble leader) about the Grand Official Festival Opening on May 2nd!  To hear the program CLICK HERE!



I hate to see hatred
I hate to see everyone faded

I hate not seeing any hope
I hate not being able to cope

I hate to see how people are after each other,
I hate to see most people live in fear

I hate these rockets, bombs and killings
I hate all these manmade sufferings

And of course, of course

I hate to see children bleeding and dying everywhere
I hate to know there is no safe place for anyone anywhere

I hate not seeing any tearless survivor
I hate not seeing any clean river

I hate not seeing smiles on people’s lips
I hate seeing unwanted immigrations and endless trips

Yes and yes!
I hate not seeing any hope
I hate not being able to cope

I hate not seeing enlightenment and education
I hate not seeing humble people in peaceful relations

The terrorists should know they are never clever
Because they are killing humans everywhere*

Here is war, there is war and everywhere is war
The wars are getting bloodier and a chore

I hate red for it is the color of blood

Now everywhere is red for  red blood is red

Red streets, red gutter, red kennel and red streams,
I hate to know that now even humans are red
Red heads, red necks, red arms,
and red legs

I hate to see birds no longer can fly
Even rivers and mountains mourn and cry
Mountains are red, rivers are red and trees are red
Therefore, birds are red

Everywhere is red for blood is red

I hate not seeing any hope
I hate not being able to cope

I hate seeing these new political mass murders

I hate seeing the UN not forcing the killers to surrender

Alaha Ahrar ©

Alaha with medal

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