World Poetry Proudly Presents La Shawna Griffith from Barbados!


Ariadne’s Notes! We are honoured to present the talented La Shawna Griffith! One of the wonderful youth of the world. Congratulations on her upcoming graduation! Breaking News!

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La Shawna Griffith is a twenty one year old Barbadian student who shall soon be graduating from The University Of The West Indies with a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science (Special). With her degree aside, La Shawna is a very articulate and passionate person and her free time is spent writing beautiful pieces where she paints a vivid picture causing many to ponder, laugh, smile and cry about the stuff she has written.
In the beginning her work focused mainly on political issues but now she is spreading her wings to tackle all areas writing on race, love, heartbreak, depression, human rights , domestic violence and empowerment. La Shawna first starting writing at the age of nine when she was in Primary School however it was during her tenure at the University that she decided to take her hobby a bit further to see results she would get.
Thus lead to the creation of her Facebook Page under the alias “The Political Poet” as well as the launch of her website which she named “Inside Her Head .
La Shawna is slowly becoming an emerging poet and she is hoping to make a change in her work as well as in the world by becoming a role model to young women and hopefully a Minister Of Education someday.

I have to be a poet.

I have to be a poet
I cannot sit and see
Brainwashed images float in the minds of our young
Like bubbles in the bathtub
In all its splendour
You see the translucent shape
But the reality is not there
As you cannot see past what you have been thought to believe
Hence why you need me
The poet
As I use my pen to paint the images that you do not see
That all persons are the same
No matter how much you claim they are

We are different
We think and analyse differently
The world to sum is just a world
To me a poet
It is a collection of ideas
All pleading to be a colour in my masterpiece
So I allow them
The beliefs that we hold dear are just misinformed perceptions of how life should be…
But the reality is gone
As we have shackles on our minds
Preventing our ability to reason
Hence when my brush hits my black page
Beautiful things begin to form
Creating the most pure work of art
I MUST be a poet
As I cannot sit and let young women
Believe that it is OK to dress inappropriately
With all their bodies readily visible
And their social media status reads
“Boys tell me how you like um”
Nope I must pop their bubble
As our young ladies should dress with style and class
Not shaking their behinds for the camera
But finally achieving their diploma
I must be poetic
And relinquish those stupid beliefs about domestic violence
That the woman had to do the man something for her to be beaten
She is the victim!
Why isn’t the man questioned?
Because the media has made abuse cool
Shame on you to believe reality
Abuse is not OK
Never believe what you see!
It could be contorted
And modified
To make it seem right
But it is still wrong
I must be a poet
And change the narrow perception of race
That all black persons are thieves
Murders and from the third world
How dare you make such a claim?
Black persons are intellectuals
Who had drive and vision
And made many of the things you are dependent upon
Even the premise of your religion
Started in the Egyptian civilizations
With Ma’at
But yet you don’t like blacks
But you claim to love Jesus
And follow His laws
Love your neighbour as yourself
Was that verse lost in your pursuit of hatred?
I am indeed a poet
As I make the final strokes on my board
The picture is finally formed
It is free to put its hand on the wall in all its splendour
As it has not been tainted
With your misinformed perceptions
It stands firm on my wall
In all its beauty
It is a painting of the beautiful horizon

(C) La Shawna Griffith 15th May 2015

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6 Responses to World Poetry Proudly Presents La Shawna Griffith from Barbados!

  1. La Shawna says:

    I would like to thank you so much for this feature. It means so much to me .
    I am honored and extremely humbled by this gesture.
    Thank you so much for making an island girls dreams of touching persons lives with her poetry come true.
    Thank you
    La Shawna

  2. jemma says:

    Wow! That is one powerful, fiery poem, full of passion and indignation and conviction.

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