24 Hour Peaceathon A Great Success!


World Poetry Canada International  24 Hour Peaceathon!
September 21- 24th! A our best event series ever -a great success!
Thank you, Peace thanks you!
I will be posting some of your events soon.

From Canada to Africa, the Middle East, the Americas to China  and Mongolia, Peaceathon connecters are celebrating Peace in a focused 24 hour push for Peace!

The 24 hour Peaceathon features 53 countries with many group and individual’s celebrating Peace

Register: www.worldpoetry.ca , astarte_sita@yahoo.com, ariadnes@uniserve.com
info 1-604-526-4729

Registration form: 
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15 thoughts on “24 Hour Peaceathon A Great Success!

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  2. Janine Quine

    WE are very excited by this and our peace group would very much like to be part of it. I am having problems however trying to register from the page i go to from the link i was sent.

    I look forward to more creative dialogue around peace.

    Warm regards

    Janine Quine

  3. Ed Woods

    Hi Ariadne,
    I will try to organize a reading ot venue in Dundas and also plan to submit poetry and pictures for our recent contest.

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  5. Solveig Hansen

    Hello Ariadne,

    I am the web editor of IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace. I believe you already know the Founder, Ada Aharoni.

    To celebrate the Peace Day, Ada read some of her peace poems on IFLAC Radio and talked with radio host Motti Gerner about peace and her work. Some of the poems were also sung.

    Ada is a wonderful peace poet and very engaging to listen to. Go listen for yourself and say hello to us:



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